My Little Airport - Zoo is sad, people are cruel Album discussion

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  1. First off, I will rate the CD for several factors, out of 5 each, 5 being the best, 1 being the worst. Then I will write the explanation for the ratings.

    Vocals: 2.5

    At first, I thought the vocalist was doing a pretty good job singing. Her voice is very sweet and soothing. However, I realized that almost every single song is that whispery sort of singing. That's sort of boring. Not only that, but do we actually get to hear her belting it out? I remember a special on Karaoke on TV, and this Chinese star from way back when told how karaoke can really hurt your throat because people don't know the correct way of singing, that singing isn't about whispering, and it has to come out strong. I don't really hear that from the vocalist.
    Instrumentals: 3
    The music is pretty catchy. My fingers will start strumming along the beat, but again, it's almost the same for every song. That same electro effect. It sounds like old English pop songs from the 70s. I mean, nice try for an amateur, I guess?
    Lyrics: 2.5
    Well, first off, nice try with going bilingual there. But...what's with the Engrish? No doubt that the lyrics are cute, and very different from mainstream Chinese pop, but if you're going to target audience outside of Hong Kong, perhaps you should try a grammar check after writing the lyrics. Good try though. But I think the songs that are in Chinese are pretty decent. I especially like the "The Ok thing to do on Sunday" one. It's cute and simple.
    Originality: 4.5
    What can I say? The best thing out of this CD isn't the music, but the originality. We hardly get to see the indie side of Hong Kong and this is totally cool. If we could only get some from the better artists out there, that'd be great. Look at those creative titles! If they want to win audience just by a shocking effect, they've done it.

    All in all, an okay CD. It's very different from mainstream Chinese music, but since it's bilingual, I can't help but compare it to English music, and it's really not that great in comparison, in my opinion. I think if you are going to buy the CD, definitely check out the demo first in the download section. I personally think it's a waste of money, but to each his/her own!

    Now that I'm done with my point of view, you can share your opinions too.
    Or bash me about my review~
  2. nice review... :) i haven't heard it yet.