My Commissioned Lover - 婚姻合伙人 (2019)

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    English Title:

    My Commissioned Lover

    Chinese Title:


    Poon Ka Tak



    Matt Yeung
    Samantha Ko
    Kenny Wong
    Roxanne Tong
    6 Wing
    Kirby Lam

    Airing May 13th replacing The Defected 鐵探


    From jointly operating a subdivided flat to opening their real estate company; from being best partners to a married couple, Matt Yeung and Samantha Ko are partners in work and life. Samantha has had to fare on her own since she was young. For her, starting a family is more risky than starting a business because she must deal with Matt's family, including his brother (Luk Wing), who has low self-esteem, and sister (Roxanne Tong), who is in love with a playboy (Kenny Wong).

    Matt loves Samantha deeply and is even willing to admit to a crime and go to jail for her. A crisis emerges at their company. Not wanting Matt to be left with nothing when he is released from jail, Samantha uses her daughter to get close to her ex-boyfriend, Kenny. Because of her excessive greed, she and Matt ultimately break up their partnership! The deeper the love, the deeper the hate, the two become enemies from then on...