Murder Diary - 刑偵日記

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    Anyone else watch this series?

    At the start of the series, I felt that there was much mental illness in the series sometimes it got confusing, but I did like Vincent's acting with all his distinct personalities. It felt a little weird how the main plot didn't unveil itself until almost ep. 10-15 onwards (memory is a bit foggy now).

    I just finished it and the ending was good, but frustrating as it's open ended and leaves you wanting to more about Shiga past and the truth behind Kara's story.

    I also wouldn't mind seeing more of Venus on screen in the future. Her acting is a lot better than a lot of the trash Miss HK talent and she's not bad eye candy herself either. Good thing she signed on with TVB for more series in the future.
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    damn I didn't know episode 25 was the finale. It didn't explain the broken legs and I was eagerly waiting for episode 26 til I see this post.