Most Annoying Character in BSS

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  1. misstk

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    i hate esther's brother so much! and diana's mum too!!
    they are so annoying!
  2. bbes

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    like they say with every series u need the annoying actors and besides if they are supposed to be annoying and u find them annoying then, they are successful in their acting.
  3. TvBr0cKs

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    dai fei is really annoying i hate her!
    wong ka lam's brother is really annoying but in a way his a bit funny when he gets in trouble.
    At the start i like Maymay but when she wanted to break up with luk chit i thought she was an idiot, now i hate her!
  4. tien317

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    NOW...i HAte Wong Hei's character fussy...though he acts quite well...i still dont like...
  5. ralphrepo

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    From what my wife read in the Chinese entertainment gossip rags, "May-May" is actually the daughter of two TVB studio big wig execs, and that her role in this was especially written in, not as artistic direction, but by imperial edict of TVB brass. In other words, the role and her playing it was the product of the rich and powerful exerting the prerogative into the entertainment venue. Its one thing if she was good; she's obviously not and HK viewers should rightfully feel ripped off.

    Kawaii almost got written off the show because of her topless phone clip that was leaked onto the internet (nice rack for a skinny girl BTW).

    The ones that are really great are the ones that play "Die Kay Mun" (Wong Gah Lom's brother) and "Die Fay" (Diana's Mother), simply because they play their roles so well. You watch them and want to kick them through the television. Any actor or actress that can elicit that much emotional response from their audience are exceptional at their craft. Some of you may be too young to remember "Sek Geen," who was ALWAYS the chief bad guy in HK movies from the 1960's through 1980's. To many of us old timers, he is as famous as Darth Vader.

    Someone else had mentioned that "Look Jeet" can't act, and I concur. He stinks. Other than passing good looks, he's just a poster boy for no method acting. In many of the older TVB series, he played the less then memorable thug (the kind that randomly comes to beat up on the main star). I guess this series is his big break. Also, he was going out with the girl that plays Kawaii, and alledgedly was the one who secretly filmed her getting dressed. He "supposedly" dropped his cell phone in a cab and the clip was then uploaded onto the net. This forced TVB execs to consider retiring her from the series. Luckily for her, they only put her on ice for a while. When the saw that most people in HK didn't care, then they brought her back.

  6. Chassy

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    For me the most annoying male character is dai kay man and the most annoying female character is dai fei. Of the two, I think dai fei is the most annoying character - if I was tin jar san, I would slap across her face on many occasions
  7. Suiko

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    I totally agree with you. they are annoying but needed to make things interesting. They stir up the crowd.
  8. teriyee

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    I too agree with you.... at times I would really feel like skipping the episodes that they are in....
  9. fookjay07

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    yer May May for female and male is the dai kay man
  10. TurtleShell

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    oh comes the list!

    1. maymay, she deserves that top spot.
    2. mo gey yung
    3. diana's mother
    4. i used to dislike kawaii, now she is alright...
    5. Ka Nam's brother! OMFG I HATE HIM!
  11. masiuling

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    I hate Yin ying ming (vincents dad) and Dai Fei. they top my list. Ng Hung is close to making it too. She was v annoying at the beginning when she fought abt everything.
  12. im so behind.... but yeah that may may girl grinds my gears lol
  13. NuclearEmperor

    Dai Fei
    Diana's Mother
    May May
  14. Nnerak

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    dai fei is terrible annoying