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    Michelle Ye Xuan (born 14 February 1980 in Hangzhou, Zhejiang, China), also known as Michelle Yip Suen, is a Hong Kong television actress, after winning the Miss Chinese International competition in 1999.

     Name: Traditional: 葉璇 / Simplified: 叶璇
     English Name: Michelle Yip / Michelle Ye
     Cantonese/Mandarin Name: Yip Suen/Ye Xuan
     Vietnamese Name: Diep Tuyen
     Nickname: Ah Suen / 海馬() (seahorse)
     Profession: Actress / Host / Columnist
     Date of birth: 14 February 1980 (Valentine’s Day)
     Height: 165cm (5ft5in)
     Measurements: 34C 24 35
    Weight: 103lbs (46.7kg)
    Birthplace: Hangzhou, Zhejiang,China
     Star sign: Aquarius.
     Zodiac sign: Monkey
     Blood type: O
     Family: Parents and no siblings
    Education: John Dewey High School, Wellesley College
    (1st Year only, when she signed to TVB)
    Languages: Cantonese, English, and Mandarin

    Aspiration before TVB: Lawyer

    Status: Dating 'Little White' (小白 / xiao bai)

    Friends in Showbiz: Rain Lau, Myolie Wu, Raymond Lam, Benny Chan, Pactrick Tang, Ron Ng, Kenix Kwok, Bosco Wong, Sammul Chan, Matt Yeung

    Best Friends: Rain Lau, Raymond Lam, Myolie Wu, Selena Lee, Wallace Huo, Kenneth Ma, Ron Ng, Roger Kwok, Tammy Chen

    Entering Showbiz: Represented New York and participated in Miss Chinese International 1999. She got first and went back to US for her first year of University. She stayed there to study for six months. After further considerations, Michelle decided to join TVB, and she signed the contract with them but she reserved her position in US so that she can go back anytime to continue her studies. (Part time student of 14th acting class)

    Ye is fluent in Cantonese, English, and Mandarin. She migrated to the United States at age 11. She attended John Dewey High School where she ranked first of her class and won first place at the International Science and Engineering Fair in the Botany sector (1998). She was a scholarship student at Wellesley College, but left before graduating to pursue a career in the entertainment industry.
    In July 1999, Ye accepted a contract offered by TVB after winning the Miss Chinese International competition. She had a number of leading roles in dramas such as, Eternal Happiness, Triumph in the Skies, and Lost in the Chamber of Love.
    Ye has worked as a host and MC. In 2004, she was TVB's on-site reporter at the Olympic Games in Athens. Additionally, she was the MC for a special mid-autumn evening broadcast on CCTV.
    She left TVB in June 2005 and moved on to Rich & Famous one month after to get more exposure in the movie industry. Ye also starred in a few series with ATV, China Productions, and I-Cable.
    Ye published an autobiography titled Shang Shan Ruo Shui - Xuan Gong Lue in July 2006.

    Awards and nominations
    (1998) Won second runner up in the "Miss Greater Chinatown NYC beauty pageant 1998" [2]
    (1999) Crowned first place as "Miss Chinese International 1999" [3]
    (1999) Won "Miss Classic Beauty" Award in the "Miss Chinese International 1999"
    (2002) Nominated as "Most Improved Actress" for TVB 35th Anniversary Awards
    (2002) Nominated as "Favourite Partnership" with Raymond Lam for TVB 35th Anniversary Awards
    (2003) Nominated as "Most Improved Actress" for TVB 36th Anniversary Awards
    (2003) Nominated as "Favourite Actress" for TVB 36th Anniversary Awards
    (2003) Nominated as "Favourite Partnership" with Raymond Lam and Kenneth Ma for TVB 36th Anniversary Awards
    (2005) Nominated as "Best Newcomer" in Hong Kong Golden Horse Award for Moonlight in Tokyo


    • (2000) Street Fighters
    • (2000) Reaching Out
    • (2001) Gods Of Honour
    • (2002) Eternal Happiness
    • (2002) Network Love Story
    • (2002) Treasure Raiders
    • (2002) Golden Faith
    • (2003) Lofty Waters Verdant Bow
    • (2003) The Case of the Green Hair (mini movie)
    • (2003) The Driving Power
    • (2003) Triumph in the Skies
    • (2003) Evil Butterfly
    • (2003) Oriental Flower Maiden (musical drama)
    • (2004) Hard Fate - Guest Appearance
    • (2004) Lost in the Chamber of Love
    • (2005) The Herbalist's Manual
    • (2005) World's Finest
    • (2005) Central Affairs I
    • (2006) Central Affairs II
    • (2007) Liao Zhai II
    • (2007) Jiao Yi Sheng Ma Ma...
    • (2007) Bou Zaap Tin Hau (Tutor Queen)

    • (2005) Moonlight in Tokyo
    • (2006) Undercover Hidden Dragon - Guest Appearance
    • (2007) The Closet (Yi Zhong) - initially known as Yi Gwai Geng Wan
    • (2007) Simply Actors (Hei Wong Zi Wong) - Guest Appearance: Judy
    • (2007) 1st 7 Day
    • (2008) Sniper
    • (2008) Lady Cop & Papa Crook 查之女
    • (2009) Accident
    • (2009) Vengeance
    Pagaent history

    Michelle Ye was originally 2nd runner up at the 1998 pageant, but the winner and 1st runner up did not want to compete in Hong Kong. She took over the crown and title. She later on represented New York at Miss Chinese International 1999 where she won.

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    I know where John Dewey High School is at, been there many times to met with friend that goes there around the same time she went there. If I had met her there, I wouldn't even remember but it's just interesting to know someone like her actually lived so close to me.
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    she is oke,her acting is oke 2
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    Was quite fascinated when I first heard her speak English, was really good?
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    love her.... beautiful and acting is good too