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    Okay so you weight is 100kg or 220lb? for your height 180cm which is extremely overweight.

    I think you need a diet plan...

    Stay away from fast foods (all trans-fat food)
    any food with high sugars.
    No Junk Food!!
    no chips which contain too much sodium which is bad for your health.

    try eat food with higher fibers, protein,
    eat brown rice.., wheat bread, yogurt,

    GO to the gym and lift some dumb bell.. i can't tell you what is light or heavy until you lift it. Everyone's strength is different.
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    Yup i know im overweight thats why im seeking help haha, thanks

    how many meals and when should i eat them?

    should i skip wheat too? no bread :S? or can i eat it?
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    - Play a sport that you love regularly (preferably one that involves a lot of running), this is the easiest way to get rid of weight. play it for 2-3 hours when ever you can

    - In the gym:

    Plenty of cardio, i suggest cross trainer and uphill treadmill. stay on them as long as you can and try stay on it an extra minute or so every time you use it again (progression).

    Have your own weights programme. work mainly on your: Abs, chest, tricep, back and legs.


    Eat more:

    -lean meat e.g. chicken, beef. preferably not fried
    -fruits and vegetables

    Eat less:

    -high fat food
    -high saturated goods e.g. crisp or chips
    -high salt food
    -dairy and high carbs food e.g. pasta, potatoes, bread, cheese
    -avoid junk food

    i've made this kind of brief and simple. need any advice just ask me. its not easy trying to cut down food straight away therefore i suggest you eat 5-6 smaller meals a day instead of 3-4 big ones. if you feel like snacking, eat a banana or other fruits. try slowly reduce your intake though
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    just stay away from fast food you will do fine.. that even more simple.
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    The most boring and may not be the fastest would be running with sprint intervals on the treadmill. It works but if you don't have an access to one then you can bike or run. Make sure to have some sort of sprint intervals.
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    the thing is i rarely eat candy, drink soda or eat junk food ^^ maybe too much rice and bread? what can i replace it with? (Im also skipping breakfast but im fixing it now)
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    Well to lose weight, it all comes down to calories in the end. When I was working out back then, I stuck to a basic regime of low calories and a daily workout. Usual routine would be:

    -Wake up, start with as many pushups that you can do at the moment. It's okay if you can't do that much, just try to do as many as you can;
    -Breakfast, I recommend eating instant oatmeal (they're in really convienient, 100 calorie packets), and a piece of fruit
    -Wait an hour to two hours, go for a 45 min run. Even if you can't do the entire 45 minutes, stay outside, walk until you catch your breath, and then keep running. But stick to 45 minutes. After the 45 min run, immediately do 3 sets of 30 crunches, 3 sets of 2 minute planks, 3 sets of 30 bicycle kicks.
    -Shower, go to class/work...
    -Lunch, usually a nice chicken salad, no dressing, and if you must, have it on the side, DIP your food in it instead.
    -Later on, about 3 hours after lunch, have a little snack just to keep metabolism going. It's VERY important to have a snack, because this keeps you from starving at night and overeating, and it also keeps your metabolism going and attitude boosted. I usually had a nature's bounty bar or something, but try to make sure it's lower than 150 calories.
    -Dinner, eat whatever you want, JUST DON'T GO OVERBOARD**. Preferably eat 2-3 hours before sleeping, and have a glass of water before dinner.

    I kept that routine for about 2 months and I lost about 30 pounds. Like I said, in the end it's all about lower calorie intake, and my daily calorie intake was about 1600 but I was expending about 2000+. 3500 cal=1 lb, so that'll give you a good estimate about how much calories you need to burn to get to your ideal weight. If you want to track your calories, go to or something that has those calorie tracker things :) Hope this helps ^^
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    I lost weight by eating everything I wanted to eat....nuff said =P
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    What you said about interval training is right. High intensity interval training (HIIT) is a very efficient way of maximising weight loss. Traditional cardiovascular exercise causes your heart rate to elevate during the exercise only which means that as soon as you step off the machine, you're back to your regular old self. What HIIT does (with around 20-60sec of high intensity followed by 40-60 seconds rest) is it elevates your heart rate to beyond your exercise time. From what I've read, I heard it raises your heart rate for up to 2 days after you've done the exercise. This means that while you rest, you'll still be burning those calories!

    Also, try avoid treadmill, particularly if you are trying to gain leg mass as the impact from running (think about it, running creates a lot of stress on your legs) can severely influence the effectiveness of developing leg muscles (which you should also be doing to lose weight because more muscles = your body needing more energy to power the muscles = more calories burnt = weight loss) The best machine for hiit would be the cross trainer (its the machine where your legs just go around in an ellipse).

    Just some thoughts. :)
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    This is kind of an old thread, but perhaps you'll still see this.

    You say that you don't eat poorly (no idea how long this has been the case for...) but have a BMI of over 30, which is considered obese.
    If you are now eating healthy, exercising regularly, and still not losing weight, then you may have a health issue (such as a thyroid problem) influencing your ability to lose weight. It may be helpful for you to talk to a doctor about your weight and the ways that you can reduce it (meds can help with hypothyroidism, for example).
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    Anyone tried 'Adidos'?
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    i really don't think people should put so much weight on BMI numbers. it doesn't take into account lean body mass to body fat percentage ratio. people who are physically fit may have BMI's that indicate that they're overweight but in reality, they're not. the mirror is a much better gauge.
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    I think weight lifting, dumbbells or what not helps lose weight for me more then running around. Of cos eating the right way is very important cuz regardless how much u exercise it will not be affective if u constantly put it back on. Detoxing your body also helps and eat more natural foods.
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    wish i could loose weight, fi d it so hard. getting confused by the talks in the media
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    nice sharing.