Matthew Ko has no issue returning to TVB

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    Although his career has been on the rise in mainland China ever since leaving TVB, Matthew Ko stressed that he has no resentment against his said former company.

    As reported on Mingpao, the actor who appeared on TVB's "Cantopop at 50" to perform a Leslie Cheung song, shared that he was happy to be able to reunite with colleagues from TVB and cherished the opportunity of doing so.

    "TVB actually contacted me for a collaboration before, but I couldn't make time in my schedule since I have been residing in Beijing. This time I happen to return to Hong Kong to see my family, so I decided to say hello to the Hong Kong audience," he said.

    When mentioned that there is now a new wave of COVID-19 in Beijing, Matthew said that he has been diligently making sure to take care of his health and hygiene so not to get infected.

    "My work in mainland has also been postponed and changed since February," he said.

    Matthew signed with TVB back in 2005 after winning the first ever Mr. Hong Kong contest, but continued to play supporting roles in dramas such as "Forensic Heroes II" and "Sergeant Tabloids", until he decided to depart from the company in 2014 to make a name in mainland China.
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Discussion in 'Chinese Entertainment' started by shinobi, Jun 26, 2020.