Mat Yeung Only Has Eyes for Samm Ko Ling in “My Commissioned Lover”

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    The cast and crew attended a promotional event today for new TVB series, “My Commissioned Lover” (婚姻合伙人). To match the storyline, stars, Samm Ko Ling (高海寧) and Mat Yeung (楊明), wore wedding gowns and signed a “marriage partnership certificate.” The two couldn’t control their laughter while reading their vows. To close out the ceremony, Mat Yeung kneeled and presented Samm Ko Ling with a big ring.

    Samm Ko Ling plays someone who was abandoned by her parents, causing her to treat money as her life. Mat Yeung’s character falls in love at first sight with Samm Ko Ling’s character. In order to impress her, he becomes motivated to work harder. The two end up doing real estate together. In Samm Ko Ling’s eyes, she only cares about money. As for Mat Yeung, he only cares about Samm Ko Ling’s character. About their characters, Mat Yeung said, “Seeing this character, I feel like he is crazy.” Samm Ko Ling on the other hand says, “In reality, I would place more emphasis on feelings, but I wouldn’t mind finding someone like Mat Yeung’s character. He is absolutely a wonderful man, a sweet man. It’s hard to find someone like him.”

    The series actually finished filming in April 2017. This is the first time they are starring as the leads in a series, so they were very nervous. Even though this is their second time working together, they didn’t have many scenes in 2014’s “Outbound Love” (單戀雙城) at the time, so they weren’t that close. The director of “My Commissioned Lover” even asked them why they seemed unfamiliar with each other even though their characters have so much chemistry. From then on, Samm Ko Ling just let herself go and went straight into character. In the last few scenes, Samm Ko Ling said she had to always cry. She said she would be able to cry on cue just by looking at Mat Yeung.

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Discussion in 'Chinese Entertainment' started by shinobi, May 14, 2019.