Marcus's daughter has a period?

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  1. Supra

    Supra Well-Known Member

    Is that what happened in episode 32? She was bleeding or something? Is it necessary to know for us viewers? Great job TVB scripters!
  2. Xzyrus

    Xzyrus Well-Known Member

    Well my guess is that type of thing is a real mother-daughter topic so having Angie around was to help the plot progress to another level. They spend the whole episode showing various people's acceptance of the extra-marital affair. This was a stepping stone for Kay Kay and Connie to accept Angie. Connie's long over it, wants to launch her career while still caring for her kids without being overly protective which she feels would harm them. Nancy Sit's char no longer throws crazy fits about it anymore.
  3. gawain187

    gawain187 Well-Known Member

    Yeah, I found that quite disturbing to know. But I guess it was key to connecting the relationship between Kei Kei with Angie
  4. transition

    transition Well-Known Member

    jst saw that ep and totally agree... dont needa know about her first time of the month ==

    they coulda atleast scripted some other story to express their intentions.
  5. RockkxD

    RockkxD Moderator

    ^ I so agree.. it was just so weird for me to hear and watch that.
  6. goeatc

    goeatc Well-Known Member

    lol you guys a period is a period. this is just to help make a turning point for angie and marcus's daughter. however having the daughter having a period for a turning point is the 1st time tvb has used.