Mag Lam postpones concert due to health issue

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    19 Oct – Despite her efforts to maintain her vocal health, Hong Kong singer Mag Lam recently announced that she is not ready for her scheduled concert, vocal and physical-wise.

    As reported on Mingpao, the singer who was set to perform at her "What If... Mag Lam Concert 2018" on 9 December, had to postpone the said concert, with organisers currently handling the sponsorship and refund issues.

    She also took to Instagram to express her sadness over the issue, saying that it was the last thing that she wanted to happen.

    "I have no choice. In the past month, I have been ill, but I can't help myself but to try and recover quickly," she said, adding that doing such a thing only made her condition worse, and so decided to postpone the concert.

    "To all the supporters who have already bought the concert tickets, I am really sorry. I know that it may disappoint everyone and is a little troublesome, but [the doctor] also strongly advised me to postpone it," she wrote.

    Mag also stated that she would only disappoint everyone more if she continues with the concert while not in the best of state.

    "I am deeply sorry for the inconvenience caused by this incident. I am very grateful to you, for waiting for me for so long," she said.

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Discussion in 'Chinese Entertainment' started by shinobi, Oct 19, 2018.