Love is Elsewhere - 愛情萬歲 [2008]

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    Title: Love is Elsewhere
    Released: 17 April 2008
    Genre: Drama / Romance
    Director: Vincent Chui

    Yumiko Cheng
    Sherman Chung
    Jason Chan
    Ken Hung
    Pakho Chau
    Patrick Tang
    Chelsea Tong

    Story takes place in posh Soho, the city's famous haunt for the fashion-minded. Film begins with a young couple running a cafe and throwing in free counseling to the customers as well as they are saving money to study in Beijing. They got drawn into a circle of a playboy houseman, his object of desire which is a gallery owner, the gallery owner's young delivery boy admirer who wants to be a singer. As days turn into nights and nights into days, friends and lovers come and go, they dream of a love that ends all love.
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    just seen this, looking for the soundtracks atm lol got some decent muisc in the films

    but in general this is a shit version of alex fong n stepy's romantic film