Louis Koo Helps Pay Actor Lee Siu Kei's Cancer Treatment

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    As one of Hong Kong’s most prolific artiste, Louis Koo (古天樂) is also known to be generous and respectful towards other elderly artistes. From his announcement to help raise funds for elderly artistes, Louis also supported many other artistes in time of need. When veteran artiste Lee Siu Kei (李兆基) was admitted to the hospital for liver cancer, Louis did not hesitate to help cover the hospital fees.

    Lee Siu Kei – Veteran Artiste Playing Many Villain Roles

    Although Lee Siu Kei might be an unfamiliar name to many audiences, Lee Siu Kei actually acted in many Hong Kong movies. Lee Siu Kei joined the entertainment industry after prompting from friends to leave his triad gang. Over the past 40 years, Lee Siu Kei played mostly villain and triad roles in films.

    At the age of 69 years old, Lee Siu Kei had been out of the screen for a number of years and was diagnosed with liver cancer. In an interview at the hospital, Lee Siu Kei was noticeably distraught and no longer had the same energy he had during his youth. Although Lee Siu Kei once lost his will to live, his confidence returned after a series of successful chemotherapy and proudly stated, “I was not afraid of getting shot by guns and I am afraid of this now? If I will die in the hospital without the surgery and might die in the hospital even with the surgery, let’s just do the surgery.”

    Grateful for Louis’ Support

    In a follow up interview, Lee Siu Kei’s friend, Peter Chan (陈慎芝), thanked Louis. Ever since Lee Siu Kei was in the hospital, Louis took the initiative to collect money for the hospital fees and regularly asked for updates on Lee Siu Kei’s health.

    Aside from being respectful towards the seniors, Louis is a philanthropist. While attending Ringo Lam’s (林岭东) memorial service on January 26 after the director’s recently passed away, Louis also donated funds to build more than 100 schools in Mainland China. Louis’s generosity and kindness is something to be admired.

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