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Discussion in 'Music Discussion' started by nope, Mar 23, 2008.

  1. nope

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    greetings, this is the first time that i post something in the forums
    and i know that you fellows are very friendly

    soo here goes

    i am looking for an INSERT song thats used in an old TVB serie ( somewhere in the 90s)and only used in depressive scenes. it has a lyric like: '' I gave you everything i had'' and it was sang by a female. btw it is an english song. i know one of you guys sure has heard it, because today i heard on the HK radio.
    i know its not quite helpful what i have given.

    but to let you know, i have been looking it for quite long time.

    Thanks in advance !!! i would really appreciate if someone can also upload it for me, but thats probably too much. anyways i cross my fingers for it
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    You should only request songs only in the download section.

    As for the song with the lyric "I gave you everything i had" I have no idea what it is as a lot of songs have those lyrics.
  3. nope

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    well actually knowing the name of song is fine by me
    i know i know, its quite a difficult request that i am doing here

    i hope i heard the song again on the radio

    just thought i got here a sheer of hope, anyways thanks for the reply