Liza's emotions

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  1. Tony

    Tony Well-Known Member

    Yo I can't get over this woman's acting. Her emotions are mad exaggerated and over the top. lol
  2. you mean toby's mom? lol she was ok before she went jealous whacko on us
  3. jdm_s2k

    jdm_s2k Well-Known Member

    her whacko emotions are pretty epic
  4. lawplanet

    lawplanet Well-Known Member

    she messed up her head when she rolled down the stairs.
    or when she read about the hanson/dad relationship
    or when she started getting all jealous
    or when she lost her baby
    or maybe she's really is crazy to being with... damn!
  5. Tony

    Tony Well-Known Member

    Yeah she was nuts when Toby was in the hospital. I was like, yo she borderline psycho looking, not even looking worried, just about to hop into a strayjacket or some shit
  6. dom88_rx7

    dom88_rx7 Well-Known Member

    u noe wat at first how surprised am i when saw her in tis series? she's remind me of her character, sau nga po in Evil Kin tat owez bullied by Brother Kin. kind of uncomfortable to unable to c her 'modified' teeth. n oso linus father as Wong Fei Hung in tat series. hahaha.....

    btw,her reaction is normal. everyone turns mad when they found out 'tat'. if others,there could b homicides like wat v read in news everyday. eg. 'wife cut her husband's genitals before killing him when she found out he cheated on her' etc
  7. funny how her char changes back after her husbands accident....its like split personality ...hate her char!
  8. joveaurora

    joveaurora Active Member

    I don't like Liza character either. I found her crazy and annoying.
  9. rotizai84

    rotizai84 Active Member

    Lolz.. Just she too emotional... feel too overdo..