Line Walker: Bull Fight - 使徒行者3 (2020)

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    Line Walker 3.
    English Title:
    Line Walker: Bull Fight

    Chinese Title:
    使徒行者 3


    So Man Chung


    Raymond Lam
    Michael Miu
    Kenneth Ma
    Benjamin Yuen
    Mandy Wong
    Priscilla Wong
    Sisley Choi
    Owen Cheung
    Bunz Hui
    Tony Hung
    Shiga Lin
    Serene Lim


    Following the events after Line Walker 1 and the Prelude, Sit Ka Keung (Raymond Lam) has resumed his police identity and continues his work within the CIB department, meanwhile Cheuk Hoi (Michael Miu) has just completed his 3 year prison sentence after shooting criminal mastermind Chin Shui On (Chung King Fai), trying to lead a peaceful life with his wife (Elena Kong) but also avoiding the dangers of the triads after him.

    On the other hand, CIB Chief Inspector Cheung Kei Zi (Mandy Wong) and former undercover officer Cheng Suk Mui (Priscilla Wong) suspects Cheuk Hoi is planning to enter the dark side and begins investigating him, while Cheuk Hoi and Sit Ka Keung teams up to investigate a human trafficking case, also suspecting there may be corrupt cops involved. The Chief inspector of the Security Bureau Wai Jok Wing (Kenneth Ma) also recruits former undercover Tsui Tin Tong (Benjamin Yuen).

    Cheuk Hoi crosses path with the seemingly alive Chum Foon Hei (Benz Hiu) and discovers the real identity of Wai Jok Wing and realises an intricate revenge plot has been planned from the very beginning.

    It will have to take all their combined strength, trust and teamwork to overcome this wrathful storm and come out unscathed....

    Currently airing with myTV Gold/TVB Anywhere users
    Official TVB air date November 9th 2020

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  2. Phoenix

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    I know some is currently watching and some hasn't yet so I won't say too much.
    I'm pacing myself too lol

    But really I just wanted to comment on FAMA's guest appearance. They are so funny!

    Every drama/show that they are in, whether it's cameo or main roles, I've pleasantly enjoy their scenes.
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  3. tvb airs today but I started it already (EP5)

    read some early reviews that say the show is not good? didn't get that feeling :p

    my fav character early in show is Mandy's shes a weird one for a high rank cop lol

    Sisley is hot with that messy hair hope she get it on with LF :kiss2:
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  4. crasianlee

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    Yeah read that too, that it gets boring or too complicated in the future episodes. Agree with you on both Mandy and sisley, I can't wait till you see the "one" episode of those two together
  5. eric62451

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    dang story is twisted AF already on ep2
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  6. the mainland guy is pretty good mad man? I'm amazed at how good his canto is
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  7. ailyeric

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    Sisley is damn hot and Mandy is damn annoying in this drama. I was hoping for LF and sisley paring too. but the writer was not smart enough to write it. LF storyline is boring.
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  8. Phoenix

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    Really like Sisley in this, and I like her pairing with ....
    Mandy is very annoying in this lmao so far.

    Was good to see the Priscilla and Benjamin scenes
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  9. lol shes awkward in every scene I love her! :roflyawn:
  10. Jeff

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    Finished. Spoiler tag below.

    • Drama took too long to link up LW1 and LW2 characters. Almost as if it was 2 different universe
    • Ending was spicy. Definitely seem like there will be a LW4.
    • Laughing Gor cameo . Haven't seen this guy in forever.
    • It's not a LW series until someone dies but gets revived : Madman. Along with the cameo from the guy from The Defected, think we'll see them both in LW4.
    • I loved Owen's character. His laid-back style was soothing to watch lmao. Too bad he became irrelevant after he got sent to jail but made 1 last appearance towards the end. I wonder if he'll be in the next one.
    • Also loved Sisley styling. It was kinda cute / hot
    • I knew Pakho wasn't going to be having a significant role but I thought he was going to have a cameo? I didn't know he was removed completely.
    • All in all, I don't think it was the best LW. A bit disappointed considering all the hype surrounding the drama. All the shit that happened in the last 10 minutes of the last episode created some hype towards the next one that's for sure.
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  11. Jeff starting and finishing new show before me :kenn:
  12. Jeff

    Jeff 神之馬壯

    Next drama I'm watching? Forensic Heroes 4. LMAO
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