Linda Chung Sharing Baby Tips with Myolie Wu

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    The winter holidays are usually the busiest times of the year for entertainers, and Myolie Wu (胡杏兒) is no exception. At a recent event, the former TVB actress shared with reporters that her work schedule is fully booked for the rest of the month. “Baby-making” plans would have to be pushed back to next year.

    But despite having to fly back and forth for work, Myolie made sure to save the date for her first wedding anniversary. The 37-year-old will be taking time off on December 28 to celebrate her first anniversary with husband Philip Lee (李乘德). The venue which they wed in had invited them back for an anniversary day treat.

    Asking if she has prepared an anniversary gift for Philip, Myolie said, “I gave him a watch, and he gave me a Christmas tree. I’m decorating it with my mother.” (How long will you be resting?) “I actually have to fly back to Xi’an tonight for a drama. I’m not even sure if I’ll get Christmas Day off, but I’ll definitely come back for our anniversary.”

    Myolie, who wants to have kids, said she won’t be able to get to the task until March of next year, when her drama completes principal photography. Reporters then asked Myolie if new mother Linda Chung (鐘嘉欣), whom Myolie recently visited, has offered her any baby tips. Myolie said, “I don’t need to ask her. She’s already telling me everything! It’s difficult to be a mother, but there’s also an indescribable happiness. She said she’s ready to be my consultant.” (Did she give you any baby-making advice?) “She only has baby-rearing advice.”

    Creds: Oriental Daily


Discussion in 'Chinese Entertainment' started by b-lee, Dec 7, 2016.