Linda Chung as Sze Ga Ga

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  1. tien317

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    Impressive. Linda has improved alot and I think this is one of her best series.Couldn't believe that she can play rough and vulgar characters so well. But i do admit that at certain scenes where she argues with her irratating stepmom, her voice and expression is over and somewhat fake. This could be improved. Overall, I think she is doing pretty well and I like the 'new' Ga Ga now and its cute how she is reminded by Steven to be more ladylike....
  2. RockkxD

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    Haha, Linda Chung eh? Linda Chung does portrays her character really well in this series. Especially when she argues with her stepmom, she is loud and acts mad masculine. But she has changed, becoming more feminine. I can't wait until Steven Ma and Linda Chung gets together!
  3. tien317

    tien317 Well-Known Member

    Well RockkxD, then watch out for more of their chemistry in Episode 13-14....(sorry if this is spoilers)
  4. RockkxD

    RockkxD Moderator

    Yes, Tien317, i am currently up to episode 14. I will watch episode 14 today but i know they will get together in episode 14 due to the preview in episode 13.
  5. AznAce88

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    linda is getting so good at acting and her popularity is rising quickly. she plays everything well except when she yells at her "ai-ya-dai-lo" or stepmom, her voice kind of cracks/overexaggerates
  6. SUSIE-DANG-1988


    only seen upto episode 4. hahahas.
    very good! hehehes.
    she plays soo good in this role.
  7. liquidzyklon

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    Linda has played her character quite well in this series. Good at playing the tough party girl. And of course she plays the good girl very well and quite cute and fun-loving. She has improved a lot, but still has room to improve. And her experience at crying scenes are still just as good.
  8. dreyvii

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    I loved the part where she shouted at her evil elder bro after Hana's death. She really portrayed her role well. I do hope she'll get an award or something for this role, she deserves it!
  9. michelle7879

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    Linda is great in this series.. she really improve alot.. since i watched her on HOG I, she already improve ler..and now..she is more and more good.. looking forward to see her in Jewel Splendour and HOG II, cos in tis 2 series, she oso paired wif Bosco.. i m sure, she wil done it more great.. and love to see she paired wif Steven in AJCL... i m up to episode 6 of this series.. and like tis series...

  10. jazlynnyee

    jazlynnyee Fantabulous!!!

    she has definitely improved alot... i've always tot she can only portrays good soft characters...but i was definitely wrong!! well done linda... :D
  11. dreyvii

    dreyvii Well-Known Member

    Did I mention she looks gorgeous? :D
  12. shadowchi

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    I thought she had skinproblems, I dont see that at all in this serie....(mentioned in on of the hk gossip articles)-bigclap

    She portrait her character quite good, except the overhigh tone screaming parts, (still not the level of screaming of Myolie Wu in MOT)

    I am forward to look at the chemistry between steven and linda -bigclap
  13. bbes

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    rele i thought the screaming in this was pretty bad, if it was worse then gd thing i didn't watch MOT.
  14. dreyvii

    dreyvii Well-Known Member

    She does. You've gotta really scrutinize to find the small bumps under the thick make up. But it's not that noticable tho. I guess it'd probably be clearer under HD. I wonder why the HDZone downloads for AJCL is not as clear as the ones for Master of Taichi
  15. Espresso Bunny

    Espresso Bunny Well-Known Member

    I think she's a lovable character.
  16. Xzyrus

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    OMG she's learned a new way of crying lol compared to HOG. She does crying scenes well.

    The party girl image doesn't suit her. I like her fun loving good girl image much more.
  17. lovinglyxx

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    yea alothough she played the badgirl image pretty good, it was still weird watching her play this role- it's so much better/comfortable now she's a goodgirl now- her 'chuen-ness' is alright though just not her full-on ''laan lui'' attitutide lol
  18. 2Face

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    I think she definitely deserves credit where it's due in this series, she impressed me with her character!
    At first when I found out she was going to play an "irresponsible girl with a tattoo", I was thinking... "... does this role suit her?" Well the answer is yea, and she did a fine job at it too!

    Of course, the responsible Linda Chung is always nice to see, but her character showed us she can play both sides at will. This also answers my question to whether or not Linda can pull off an evil role in HOG2, she definitely can!

    As for Ga Ga, I love her character. I love how she changed, I love her personality, and I think the way she dresses (both while she was irresponsible and responsible) is somewhat compelling, causing me to like Linda even more! The episode where Linda/Steven got together, I was actually really happy for them, and I usually don't get so into it during cute scenes like that. These two characters somehow got to me :p

    As for Linda, shes probably my favourite TVB actress, alongside Bernice/Tavia.

    [edit] -- Oh oh, and I still think shes a little shy on those kissing scenes :p But that shyness makes here cute too! :)
  19. hermidude

    hermidude Well-Known Member

    Linda has really improved a lot . Her crying scenes are really real. I still find her voice a little ....
  20. dreyvii

    dreyvii Well-Known Member

    Good to hear Linda getting so much credit for her hard work. I prefer to see her in gentle roles too. Suits her better, but good to know that she can play a street ruffian as well. :)

    Did you guys know that she was so stressed up and pressured during the shooting of AJCL that she broke down and cried for an hour?? She really put her heart and soul into acting, and the results are justified and acknowledged by all. That makes me really like and admire her.

    As for Ga Ga, I love her character too. Like I said, deep down inside she's not too bad a character. She just did all those bad things to spite her stepmom. And the pain she puts herself through for touching.