Leon Lai announces Marriage at concert?

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    Did Leon Lai tie the knot again? The 54-year-old Heavenly King hinted at his marriage with Wing Chan on the last day of the “Leon Lai Talk & Sing 2021” concert on 18 July.

    “Marriage is the grave of love,” the singer declared during his concert. Then, talking to his audience as though two persons were having a conversation, Lai said that “The Leon Lai you have seen earlier has stepped into his coffin. This Leon Lai is here on his behalf, walking out of the coffin.”

    Fans and netizens speculated the declaration as an admittance that Lai had married Chan, who is 19 years his junior. As Lai's assistant, Chan used to work as his record label and now manages the agency. They were first spotted together in 2018, and she later gave birth to his daughter in the same year.

    Lai’s first marriage was with model Gaile Lok in 2008, but the pair had parted ways after four years of marriage. “Serious differences in life philosophies” were cited in their joint statement. It is also Chan’s second marriage, who was once married to a businessman in 2011.

    It was also reported that Lai had set aside 40 million yuan (S$7.8mil) in education funds for his daughter, fully managed by Chan. Fiercely private, Lai had wanted to keep his daughter’s identity a secret but relented after Hong Kong paparazzi spotted them on the streets.

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