Lee Kwang-soo to leave "Running Man" for health's sake

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    Fans of the long-running Korean variety show, "Running Man" are saddened to hear the news that one of its original members Lee Kwang-soo will be leaving the show.

    As reported on Yonhap News, the 35 year-old actor, who has been with the show for 11 years, will be departing after struggling to play his role on the show following the injury he suffered from his accident last year.

    "It was not easy to decide to leave the show Lee was with for 11 years, but we agreed that physical time is needed to help him show better performance later. But we are sincerely grateful for all the love and support Lee has received through Running Man," his agency stated in a statement released on 27 April.

    Lee has been undergoing rehabilitation therapies since his accident, but will now take some time to focus on recovering his health. He has earned stardom and a huge fan-base from the Asian fans as "Running Man" is also shown in China, Japan, Taiwan, Thailand and the Philippines. His likable character and friendly mannerisms have earned him the title "Prince of Asia."

    The actor was involved in a car accident back in February last year after his car was hit by another vehicle violating traffic signals. He had since undergone surgery after suffering a fracture in his right ankle.

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    It's actually really sad for huge fans of the show.

    Been watching since 2011, one year after the show started. Still remember my first episodes were the Girls Generation episode (63-64) that I enjoyed it so much that I went back to binge from episode 1.

    10 years later, I'm still watching this show. It was bad when Gary left the show, but Kwangsoo leaving is a bigger blow as he has a much higher impact on the show. The dynamics will definitely change, and he will surely be missed. Really wished if he took the time to heal instead of rushing back from his injuries to film (he was literally in crutches and he came back and filmed the show).. would the situation be different now.
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  3. Jennie will miss him :kelefe: