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  1. ultim8camper

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    ....*Learn how to make better thread titles*

    have any one realized this is just gonna be like that really bad series ..... called " kurng geem " only difference is bosco and kevin isnt in it *cry* ..... imo this is what will happen ..... 3 humans thats are best friends suddenly got into a mystical battle all 3 get shot by the magical powers and nearly dies but a nice person heals them with magical powers and for future purposes teaches them kung fu and magical powers... then near the end they fight the evil monster and because they beat her/him ... they become the demi gods the end .............. what u guys thing ... ... lol u know im right ...series like these always happens
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  2. Knoctur_nal

    Knoctur_nal |Force 10 from Navarone|

    damn it, get a better bloody title.
  3. KaY_xD

    KaY_xD 但願人長久,千里共嬋娟

    it's suppose to be sth like that......=p

    i def. like 封神榜 better
  4. gswl85

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    haha...it may or may not be as predictable but its entertaining and its been a damn long time since i've seen an ancient series for TVB....and its pretty cute, funny and different =P..i ain't complaining....pretty refreshing i'll say....
  5. xaznxryux

    xaznxryux Well-Known Member

    i think this series is HORRIBLE to begin with :-\
  6. ultim8camper

    ultim8camper Well-Known Member

    lol the title is supposed to be ...... cause this series is speechless lol
  7. KaY_xD

    KaY_xD 但願人長久,千里共嬋娟

    Knoctur_nal changed the "...." into LEARN HOW TO MAKE BETTER THREAD TITLES.. LOl
  8. WeakNiZ

    WeakNiZ Well-Known Member

    I think its pretty good so far.
  9. jklee369

    jklee369 Well-Known Member

    Tell me about it when i saw the title of the series i was well excited about it, but the first episode was really awful, hope it gets better
  10. timekeeperx

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    the title is confusing.. does it have anything related to demi gods semi devils?
  11. ultim8camper

    ultim8camper Well-Known Member

    read the posts above
  12. gawain187

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    ultim8camper, your a joker. lol.

    This series will probably be like journey to the west, and also that other series "la ja" (I think). (I forgot english name) with benny chan in it.

    These typical ancient series will have monsters and stuff, with the story of a hero. If there wasnt this, then there would probably be no other story to tell, and even if there was, would probably be even worst
  13. LOL Benny even uses a line from Monkey King ^^

    Yoooo daR yew jing...
    Sai meR geng aR :tongue2:
  14. ultim8camper

    ultim8camper Well-Known Member

    ??? why am i a joker.......... do u hate me or summut or u always write stuff to make me bad.... like i say something then u say the opposite in a strong way ......
  15. gawain187

    gawain187 Well-Known Member

    I say your a joker, because you made a funny title. I apologize if it made you feel bad, I only want to bring out the laughter ;)
  16. EvilTofu

    EvilTofu 吃|✿|0(。◕‿◕。)0|✿|吃

    We all know that the english title is not really the title, it so different from the chinese one. I always wonder, who's the idiots that came up with these dumb english titles from time to time. And this serie's title isn't even that bad compare to some other ones.
  17. [N]

    [N] RATED [ ]

    yoooo dar mui mui
    sai mer geng arr!!!!!:slap:

    lol benny chan sucked as the monkey king when he took over. he looked like a wimp. lol damn yo heard soo much negative about this series. is it really that bad lol.
  18. Phil

    Phil 香港 PA 社團 揸Fap 人

    lol, least it isnt like those really Mo lei tau or Hard to say titles, like Jim Gee Chak Lerk, lol
    or something, lol, the last thing a series could need is people forgetting its title :p
  19. Sei yan Gong Gong!! -madsign1
    LOL agreeeee !! Benny sux compared to Dicky ^^
    Hmmm... this series aint thaaaaaaat bad
    It's gettin better ;)
  20. Flames

    Flames Out of Date User

    Damn title is misleading...I hope this series will be good, it's not even out in Australia yet...