Laws of Love

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    Laws of Love


    Bosco Wong: Bosco (Bosc)
    Myolie Wu: Myolie (Myyo)
    Ruco Chan: Keith (K)
    Tavia Yeung: Mavis (Mave)
    Lai Lok Yi: Mark
    Natalie Tong: Isabelle (Belle)

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    Chapter 1: Their First Encounter

    It is the first day of work for Bosco and Myolie. Having just graduated from law school, both were headed for the career path to become lawyers. They wait at different corners for the elevator.

    Myolie: Mark! What happened to our dinner date? Where were you last night?
    Mark: Hey! You are not the boss of me! Why do you have to comment on every single thing I do?
    Myolie: Because… I’m your…

    (At another corner)

    Belle: Bosco! Why can’t you be more responsible? Why do I have to do whatever you don’t do around the house? I’m sick of this.
    Bosco: Belle, you know why I can’t do the chores.
    Belle: You have your responsibilities too because you are my…

    The elevator arrives on the first floor and everyone in the lobby hurries to catch the elevator as 9:00 AM was in just a few minutes. Both Bosco and Myolie step in the elevator at the same time. Just as they step in, the overweight noise starts beeping.

    People On The Elevator: Come on, one of you, just get off! You’re wasting my time here.

    Bosco and Myolie starts to look around, trying to avoid getting themselves kicked off the elevator.

    People On The Elevator: Come on, one of you, just get off. We’re going to be late for work!
    Myolie: Hey, if anyone was to get off, it should be the irresponsible one.
    Bosco: No, it should be the bossy one.
    Myolie: Yeah, says the one listening to my conversation with other people.
    Bosco: As if you didn’t?

    People on the elevator starts pushing each other. And eventually, both Bosco and Myolie gets pushed off the elevator. Myolie looks at her watch.

    Myolie: Oh no! It’s 8:55!
    Bosco: Yeah, thanks for making me late on my first day of work.
    Myolie: Do you even know who that person was, talking to me before?
    Bosco: Same question to you!
    Myolie: Actually, forget it. Who are you? Why should I explain to you? Just get out of my way!
    Bosco: Heh, I agree with you. Stop blocking my way.

    Myolie and Bosco starts racing to the stairs.

    Myolie: Why do you have to be everyone I go? So annoying…
    Bosco: Lady, why are you everyone I am?
    Myolie: I’m not even going to talk to you. I don’t want to be late on the first day of work.
    Bosco: Oh, me too!

    On the tenth floor, both Myolie and Bosco stop and walk into ‘K & M Law Office’.

    Keith: Mavis, have the two new trainees showed up yet?
    Mavis: K, this is despicable! How can they be late on their first day of work?
    Keith: Unbelievable!

    Bosco and Myolie, were still trying get to work on time.

    Bosco: Sorry. Sorry. I’m usually not late.
    Myolie: Sorry, I’m never late.
    Mavis: Myolie, come to my office!
    Keith, Bosco, we need to have a talk in my office.

    Bosco and Myolie glares at each other.

    Bosco follows Keith into his office and Myolie nervously follows Mavis into her office, located directly across from Keith’s.

    (in Mavis’ office)

    Mavis: Myolie, how long have you studied law?
    Myolie: Eight years or so.
    Mavis: So, how do you not know the importance of time?
    Myolie: Sorry… if it wasn’t for this guy, I would have been on time.
    Mavis: No excuses! I expect this to never happen again. Do you understand?
    Myolie: Mavis, I can assure you this will not happen again.
    Mavis: You can go to your desk now. I will give you files to follow in a few minutes.

    (in Keith’s office)

    Keith: Bosco, do you mind to tell me why you were late today?
    Bosco: Keith, I didn’t mean it. If that lady got off the elevator, I would have been on time.
    Keith: No excuses! How can I expect you to be on time for court in the future if you are late for work now?
    Bosco: Please give me another chance. I will prove you wrong.
    Keith: I would hope so too. Please wait at your desk while I gather some files for you.

    Bosco walks out from Keith’s office and Myolie walks out of Mavis’ office. Bosco and Myolie, once again glare at each other.

    Chapter 2: First Day At the Office

    Keith walks out of his room and approaches Bosco with a few files.

    Keith: Bosco, I want you to go through these files closely and try to think of some points to win the case. Our client wants us to win his divorce case without having to give money to his wife. He claims his wife cheated on him. Coincidentally, his wife’s lawyer is Mavis. So, try your best.
    Bosco: Rumors have it that you two are together though…
    Keith: And?
    Bosco: Alright, I will try my best.

    (A few minutes later)

    Mavis walks out from her office and approaches Myolie with some folders.

    Myolie: Hi, sorry about being late this morning.
    Mavis: I just hope you will learn the importance of time. And hopefully you will be here, in this office, waiting for me to give you work before I arrive here each morning.
    Myolie: I will try.
    Mavis: In the meantime, please take a close look at these files. Our female client is filing divorce from her husband and would like to seek money from the man. Her husband’s lawyer is Keith.
    Myolie: Keith? I thought you two were dating?
    Mavis: So? We have our own standards for dating and work. I hope you can distinguish what is work from your private life too.
    Myolie: Ok.

    (Bosco’s phone rings, Myolie can only hear what Bosco says)

    Bosco: Hello? Belle?
    Isabelle: Hey, are you coming home for dinner tonight?
    Bosco: I would like to, but I can’t. My si-fu just gave me files to look at and follow.
    Isabelle: But…
    Bosco: Please, I need to get my work done. I’m probably ordering take out tonight. Don’t worry about me. Just do what you have to do, ok?
    Isabelle: Do what you want!

    Myolie looks up and glances at Bosco.

    (Myolie’s phone rings, Bosco can hear only what Myolie says)

    Myolie: Hey Mark. What’s up?
    Mark: I’m not coming home tonight.
    Myolie: Why?
    Mark: I have to do something with my friends.
    Myolie: Why are you always like this?
    Mark: What? You never come home anyways!
    Myolie: I’m staying overtime to do work. What do you do?
    Mark: Forget it, I don’t want to argue with you!

    (3 hours later)

    Bosco walks into Keith’s room.

    Bosco: Hey, Keith, I think I should follow our client’s wife to see if she is really cheating on him.
    Keith: Why? Not enough information in the files?
    Bosco: I just feel that one of them is lying, so I would like to follow his wife.
    Keith: Ok, but do not cross the border, ok?
    Bosco: Yes.

    Mavis: Myolie, come to my office please.

    Myolie walks into Mavis’ room.

    Mavis: Myyo, I want you to follow our client’s husband.
    Myolie: Are you sure?
    Mavis: Yeah, hopefully we can find something from there.
    Myolie: I’ll try my best to help our client.

    Bosco and Myolie walk out of their si-fu’s office, followed by Keith and Mavis.

    Keith: Bosco, I’m calling it a day. I have a dinner date tonight. I’ll leave the rest to you.
    Bosco: See you tomorrow.
    Mavis: Myolie, I’ll see you tomorrow.
    Myolie: Don’t worry, I won’t be late.
    Mavis: Ok, we’re leaving soon. See you guys tomorrow!

    Keith and Mavis walk out of the office to wait for the elevator. Keith sees something on Mavis’ face.

    Keith: It’s been a long day huh?
    Mavis: Yeah, It only seems like yesterday when we were with the other trainees.
    Keith: Mave, don’t move.
    Mavis: Why?
    Keith: There’s something on your face. Let me help you.
    Mavis: Thank you.
    Keith: You’re welcome.

    Mavis and Keith walk into the elevator. A few seconds later, the elevator shakes violently. Keith holds Mavis tightly for the second time in a similar incident.

    Chapter 3: Their Story

    (in elevator)
    Keith: Mave, don’t be scared. I’m here. I’m right here.
    Mavis: K! You know I hate being trapped in the elevator, but I remember last time.
    Keith: When?
    Mavis: When you confessed to me that you loved me.
    Intercom: Hello? Anyone there? Do you guys need help?
    Keith: Yeah, there are two people here. We are fine.
    Intercom: We will be there shortly.
    Keith: Ok, thanks.
    Mavis: Where were we?
    Keith: Umm…
    Mavis: Right. When you said you liked me, but was afraid to confess to me.
    Keith: But, we are together now.
    Mavis: Yes, we are!
    Keith: So, how did you pick me?
    Mavis: Well, Wallace saved me many times and helped me a lot. But, I found you to be the true one. You understood me. It was more of a sibling bond or good friend bond that existed between Wallace and me. But, between you and me, it was truly a love bond.
    Keith pinches Mavis’ nose lightly.
    Keith: Aren’t you glad you picked me?
    Mavis: Why are you so full of yourself?
    Keith: I know you love me the way I am.
    Intercom: Are you guys still there? We are coming to get you out.
    Keith: Yes, we are. Thank you.
    Minutes later, Keith and Mavis walk out of the elevator, hand in hand.
    Keith: Where do you want to go for dinner tonight?
    Mavis: Anywhere you’re going.
    Keith: Wow, when did you want to be my wife?
    Mavis: What?
    Keith: Only my wife will be allowed to follow where I go.
    Mavis: First off, I never said I want to be your wife… yet.
    Keith: But, for now, my I’ll allow my girlfriend to follow where I go.
    Mavis: Ok, or else I’ll just eat by myself. No big deal.
    Keith: Really?
    Mavis starts to speed-walk.
    Keith: Hey, where are you trying to go?
    Mavis: Run away from you.
    Keith: You can’t do that! I’m your boyfriend.
    Mavis: So?
    Keith: You know I’ll catch you and keep you by my side.
    Mavis: Try. I dare you.
    Keith: Meet you at the restaurant.
    (at the restaurant)
    Keith: I told you I would catch up to you.
    Mavis: You just got lucky!
    Keith: Let’s order our food first.
    Mavis: Sure.
    (as they are eating dessert)
    Mavis: K, what do you think of the new trainees?
    Keith: I’ll answer you in detail after I observe them for a few more weeks. What do you think?
    Mavis: I agree with what you just said. But, they were late on their first day of work.
    Keith: Just let it go, Mave! It’s their first day.
    Mavis: But, the two of them do not seem quite fond of one another.
    Keith: They argued quite a number of time just today.
    Mavis: Yeah, I wondered what they did to one another.
    Keith: I’m sure we’ll find out soon. They seem to be the just like us.
    Mavis: We’ll see about that!
    Half an hour later, they leave the restaurant and head home.
    Keith: Mave, you want to take a walk?
    Mavis: What for?
    Keith: You know? Relax after a long day?
    Mavis: With you?
    Keith: You’re no romantic person!
    Mavis: I was just about to agree with the walking, but I’m not a romantic person, so I’ll just head home.
    Keith: I’ll drive you.
    Mavis: It’s not like I don’t have a car!
    Keith: Let me fulfill the responsibility of a boyfriend.
    Mavis: I still have a car.
    Keith: Just say as I do for once!
    Mavis: Fine.
    Keith: That’s my cute and lovable girlfriend!
    Mavis: You want to take a walk?
    Keith: Yes, I would love to.
    Keith and Mavis walk to get the car. Mavis leans her head on Keith’s left shoulder.

    Chapter 4: Night At The Office

    (‘K & M Law Office‘)
    Bosco (to himself): Wow! It’s nearly 9. I better order takeout. I’m getting hungry.
    Myolie looks at her watch.
    Myolie (to herself): Whoa! I better get food before I starve myself again.
    Bosco: I wonder, why is there echo? Why must that person repeat what I say?
    Myolie: Are you talking to me?
    Bosco: Are you talking to me?
    Myolie: Heh, who do you think you are?
    Bosco: I know you like to repeat what I say.
    Myolie: Oh, I didn’t know you registered every single word under your name.
    Bosco: Uh…
    Myolie: Forget it, I’m better off placing a dinner order before they close.
    Bosco: Do what you want, you know why?
    Myolie: I will, don’t worry.
    Bosco: Because no one cares.
    Myolie takes her phone and orders rice. Bosco orders pizza.
    (30 minutes later)
    Myolie (to herself): Where is my dinner?
    Bosco: Oh, my pizza is so delicious! The cheese is melting in my mouth. The crust is so crispy. The pepperoni is so juicy. And best of all, it fills my empty stomach.
    Myolie looks at Bosco’s pizza, with her mouth watering.
    Bosco: Oh, looks like someone’s hungry. Do you want a slice?
    Myolie: No worries! I have my own crackers and biscuits.
    Bosco: Are you sure? After all, this is the last slice.
    Myolie takes out her biscuits and crackers and starts eating them.
    Myolie: Oh, these crackers are so delicious.
    Bosco continues waving the last piece of pizza in the air.
    Myolie: Don’t make it fall, be careful, or else, it won’t be your last slice.
    Bosco: Oh, so cheesy. Oh, so crispy.
    Bosco’s hand slips and the pizza falls onto the floor.
    Bosco: Eh…
    Myolie: Oh, I guess the floor ate your last slice. Guess you won’t be entirely full. Want some crackers of mine?
    Bosco: I will just continue my work.
    A man walks into the office.
    Delivery Man: Excuse me, did someone order rice?
    Myolie: Ah, yes, that would be me.
    Delivery Man: Sorry for being so late. We messed up your order by accident.
    Myolie: No problem, at least I get to eat a full dinner.
    Delivery: Sorry, once again.
    Myolie starts eating her dinner.
    Myolie: Wow, the rice is so hot and the chicken is cooked just right.
    Bosco: Are you talking to me, because…
    Myolie: So, you can talk to yourself, and I can’t?
    Bosco: No, I’m just talking to myself as well.
    (2 hours later)
    Myolie (to herself): Why would our client, a woman, often go to a bowling alley without the equipment. I better go there tomorrow and ask for information.
    Bosco (to himself): Why would our client, a man, often go to a spa for facials? I better go there tomorrow personally and ask for information.
    Bosco and Myolie continue looking at their files for another hour or so, until they realize that they should call it a day. Bosco packs his things into his messenger bag and Myolie packs her belongings into her handbag. They shut off their computers and head out the door to the elevator.
    Myolie (on the phone): Hello, I would like to request a taxi. I will be there in 5 minutes.
    Bosco and Myolie enter the elevator. Bosco presses the ‘ground floor’ button and Myolie continuously presses on the ‘close door’ button. Soon, after they enter the elevator, it starts to shake.
    Myolie: What is going on? It was still perfect a minute ago.
    Bosco: Oh, I don’t know. Some person next to me pressed the button so many times I can’t even count.
    Myolie: How would I know that it would malfunction?
    Bosco: Oh man, how long are we going to be trapped here for?
    Myolie: The security desk is closed right now, which means they won’t find us until tomorrow!
    Bosco: There’s always bad luck in my way whenever you’re around.

    Chapter 5: Lessons To Learn

    Keith and Mavis wait for the elevator to go up to their law office.
    Keith: Good morning Mave.
    Mavis: Good morning K.
    Keith: How was your sleep last night?
    Mavis: I slept right through. I got 7 hours.
    Keith: See, I told you… taking a walk helps a lot.
    Mavis: Ok, smartypants!
    Keith and Mavis get on the elevator and get out on the floor of their law office.
    Keith: Mave, where are our interns?
    Mavis: Weren’t they still bickering when we left for dinner tomorrow?
    Keith: Uh huh, so did they leave to go home at all?
    Mavis: Let me check their desks.
    Mavis observes their desks.
    Mavis: Keith, their desks are pretty organized, which means they cleaned up everything before leaving.
    Keith: So, what happened to them?
    A security guard walks in.
    Security Guard: Hi guys. So, one of the elevator stopped working last night. We didn’t see until we came in this morning that two people are actually stuck in there. I believe they are the two new interns of yours.
    Keith and Mavis: Bosco and Myolie?
    Security Guard: I guess so.
    Keith: They’re in the elevator?
    Security Guard: Yeah.
    Mavis: Then, I hope they didn’t start a fight!
    Security Guard: Follow me and we’ll find out what happened.
    The three of them walk from the office to the elevator to find scratches on Bosco’s face.
    Bosco: Keith… I did not mean to be late this morning.
    Keith: I’m sorry, does someone mind explaining to me what happened here?
    Bosco glares at Myolie. Myolie gives off a worried look.
    Bosco: Keith, this woman right here wanted to murder me!
    Keith: Wait, explain the whole thing to me please.
    Bosco: So, we were going to take the elevator down to go home and call it a day. She presses the button so many times I can’t even tell you how many times she pressed it. Myolie: I was trying to be on the safe side. I didn’t want to be on the same elevator with him. So I admit, I pressed the button just a few more times than necessary.
    Bosco: I wouldn’t call numerous times to be a few. So the elevator starts shaking. And this woman here starts screaming. I tell her to calm down and she just never listens. The next thing I know, she grabs onto my face and starts scratching it like crazy. I thought a cat had its claw on me. Unbelievable!
    Myolie: What? I hate being trapped in tight spaces, especially in an elevator!
    Bosco: And I became the victim.
    Mavis and Keith start laughing.
    Mavis: You two are exactly like Keith and me.
    Keith: Just keep in mind, enemies turn into lovers.
    Bosco: With her? That’s just like pushing myself to jump into the ocean.
    Myolie: With him? The irresponsible one?
    Bosco and Myolie: No thanks!
    Mavis: See what I mean?
    Keith: You guys think alike too.
    Bosco: I can’t help it if someone likes to copy what I say.
    Security Guard: Well, my job is done here. So, call me if you guys need anything.
    Keith: Thank you. See you later.
    Security Guard: Alright. Bye.
    The security guard walks away and Keith, Mavis, Bosco, and Myolie head back into the law office.
    Mavis: You two are kind of making me laugh. Why are you guys constantly arguing?
    Keith: Mave, don’t worry. They’ll turn out to be just like us. Take my word for it.
    Mavis: For now… sure.
    Keith: Ok, back to the serious matters. How’s reading the files been?
    Bosco; Ow, my face!
    Myolie: I’m sorry. I’ll help put bandages on you. Just wait a minute!
    Mavis: Alright, after we finish this discussion.
    Bosco: Fine… So, I found something. I will follow the male client tomorrow.
    Myolie: And, I will follow the female client later.
    Keith: Alright! It’s good to see progress going.
    Mavis: Just remember you two, don’t cross the border. There is only so much we can do as lawyers.
    Myolie: Yeah, we know.
    Bosco: I’ll try my best.
    Keith: Seriously, guys, stop the constant bickering, or at least try. Because, I know you two will become lovers eventually. Haha.
    Myolie: Get to the pantry. I’ll put the bandages on you and I’ll call it even.
    Bosco: You wish! To call it even, you owe me three things.
    Mavis: K, here they go again!
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    Chapter 6: Advice From Si-fu

    (in the pantry)
    Myolie: Here, sit here as I get the first-aid kit to put bandages on your face.
    Bosco: So, I got scratched. My face is completely wounded. And, oh yeah, I also get yelled by the woman who caused me all the trouble and pain.
    Myolie: Hey, would you stop the whining?
    Bosco: I’m just going to shut up and see what you do.
    Myolie: Here, come closer so I can put the bandages on you.
    Bosco moves forward to Myolie. Myolie gently applies the bandage onto his face. Bosco becomes still. He did not know there was a gentle and softer side of Myolie.
    Myolie: Here, all done!
    Bosco: Eh…
    Myolie: I said, we are done here.
    Bosco: Oh.
    Myolie: I’m putting away the first-aid kit.
    Bosco: Oh, thanks.
    Myolie: I’m going back to work.
    Bosco continues standing in the pantry. He rethinks what had just happened. Myolie, to him, was always a brat. She had always been bickering with him. They never stopped arguing from day one they met. But, the Myolie who had just helped him put bandages on the scratches was so gentle and seemed so caring. It seemed to Bosco that Myolie wasn’t even the one who scratched him in the elevator a few hours ago!
    Keith: Bosco, what are you still doing here?
    Bosco: Huh?
    Keith: I asked you, what are you still doing here?
    Bosco: Huh?
    Keith: Thinking about Myolie? I knew there would be progress between you two.
    Bosco: NO! I was uh… thinking about the client and the case.
    Keith: Really?
    Bosco: Yeah. Of course. Nothing else.
    Keith: Well, if you insist and say so…
    Bosco: I’m going to go back to work.
    Keith: You said you were going to follow him tomorrow. We aren’t really supposed to follow our clients, as we should believe them.
    Bosco: But, I am following him to find out about the actual truth.
    Keith: You’re going now?
    Bosco: Yeah.
    Keith: You said you were going tomorrow and I was fine with it.
    Bosco: Right…
    Keith: Seriously, to be honest, I still would not believe that you were thinking about the case before. It was Myolie right? Finding her more attractive now?
    Bosco: No, no! Where did you get that from?
    Keith: From your deep-into-thought face.
    Bosco: Hey, don’t you have a lot of work to do? After all, you are my si-fu.
    Keith: Apart from being your si-fu, I am also your love relationship counselor, don’t you know?
    Bosco: Really?
    Keith: Yes. Come to me if you need advice on relationship problems.
    Bosco: I’ll see.
    Myolie walks into Mavis’ office.
    Myolie: Si-fu, I’m going to follow our client now.
    Mavis: Sorry to say, but is there really a need? Shouldn’t we trust our clients?
    Myolie: But, I do find it suspicious and worth taking note that she goes to a bowling alley without equipment several times a week.
    Mavis: That is true though. Ok, but please be careful.
    Myolie: I will.
    Mavis: Wait, I want to ask you something personal.
    Myolie: Yeah?
    Mavis: So, you scratched Bosco like a cat in the elevator?
    Myolie: I have claustrophobia. I couldn’t help it.
    Mavis giggles.
    Mavis: Really?
    Myolie: Well, I have already put the bandages on him.
    Mavis: Ok.
    Myolie: I did a very good job too.
    Mavis: I really don’t understand why you two are always arguing.
    Myolie: I don’t intend for it to be like that.
    Mavis: To be honest, Keith and I were just like you two, always bickering and arguing.
    Myolie: And then you became lovers.
    Mavis: Well, not immediately. Everything has a process. We started to understand each other as time passed. We became friends, and eventually were able to talk to each other about our own problems and concerns. And then we fell for each other.
    Myolie: That sounds sweet.
    Mavis: Well, each couple has their own story behind their love. Keith keeps telling me that you two will turn out to be like us.
    Myolie: No, I don’t believe so.
    Mavis: That’s what I told him, but we don’t know what will happen in the future.
    Myolie: But, we are just not going to happen.
    Mavis: Ok, if you say so.
    Myolie: I’m going to see where my investigation goes. I’ll tell you what happens later.
    Mavis: Alright. Call me if anything.
    Myolie: I will. And, thank you, Mavis.

    Chapter 7: What She Found

    Myolie starts her way out from the office to the elevator, to her car and drives to the bowling alley, where she spots the female client.
    Myolie (to herself): Hey, that’s the client! Let me follow her into the bowling alley.
    Myolie walks from her car to the reception area of the bowling alley.
    Receptionist: Sorry Miss, this bowling alley is reserved for members only. Are you a member? Or can you show me your membership card?
    Myolie: Eh… yes, but I left it at home.
    Receptionist: Then, do you remember your membership number?
    Myolie: I don’t remember.
    Receptionist: Sorry Miss, if you cannot prove that you are a member, we cannot let you in.
    Myolie: Actually, I came to find that woman who just walked in. She was a friend of mine in high school, but we lost contact. So, I just saw her outside and I decided to come find her in here.
    Receptionist: As much as I would like for you to reconnect with your friend, I just cannot let you in. I do not set the rules here.
    Myolie: So, my, uh, friend always come here to bowl?
    Receptionist: Yeah, she comes quite a few times each week. But, weird thing, she never comes to bowl. She watches this man bowl on his reserved lane. I often see her watching him in astonishment and admiration as he bowls.
    Myolie: Is that her husband?
    Receptionist: I don’t think that’s him. I’ve seen your friend on the magazines once. She was photographed at a ball with another man. The caption said it was her husband. They are two different people!
    Myolie: So, what do they actually do here?
    Receptionist: Are you close to her?
    Myolie: Uh… yeah, in high school. But, then we lost contact.
    Receptionist: One time, I saw her being very intimate with the man here. I was quite shocked! She and her husband looked so compatible in the magazines.
    Myolie: Hey, would you happen to have pictures of the man?
    Receptionist: Probably in his membership folder. Why?
    Myolie: I just wanted to see if I knew him. Can I get his picture by any chance?
    Receptionist: That’s kind of against the rules.
    Myolie: But, it’s only one picture… Or, can I at least take a glance at his picture and get to know his name?
    Receptionist: Only for a minute though.
    Myolie: Thank you so much!
    The receptionist goes to find the man’s file.
    Receptionist: Here is the file. One minute only. Ok?
    Myolie: Alright. It’ll be quick.
    Myolie skims the man’s file quickly and tries to memorize some of his information. Then, she sees the female client walking out with the man.
    Myolie: Hey, thank you. I got to go.
    Receptionist: Well, it was nice talking to you. Bye.

    Myolie quickly follows the female client.
    Myolie (to herself): They are really intimate. There must be something she did not tell us. They must be more than just friends.
    Myolie takes out her camera and starts snapping pictures of the female client and her intimate boyfriend.
    Myolie (to herself): Let me show Mavis before we do anything further.
    Myolie drives back to the parking lot of the law office. She knocks on Mavis’ office door.
    Mavis: Yes?
    Myolie: After some hours of following her, I have found our female client to be quite intimate with another man, who does not happen to be her husband. Therefore, I conclude that she is cheating on her husband.
    Mavis: What?
    Myolie: She can’t expect for her husband to give her money after they divorce if she is the one cheating in the first place.
    Mavis: Hold on. Let me give her a call and I can listen to her explanation.
    Mavis calls the female client.
    Mavis: Hello, this is Mavis.
    Female Client: Ah, yes. Why is it that you are calling me?
    Mavis: I have a few questions to ask you and I would like for you to answer them honestly.
    Female Client: Ok.
    Mavis: So, my intern saw you being very intimate with another man. Is that true?
    Female Client: What? You followed me? I thought there would be trust between us.
    Mavis: Look, if we found you together with another man, I am sure that your husband can find a private investigator and do the same thing.
    Female Client: There is nothing more between my husband and me. Then, I met him, the one you found me to be with. He understands me. He knows what I need.
    Mavis: And how do you suppose you can get money from your husband if you are cheating on him?
    Female Client: He doesn’t know about this. And, I know that between clients and their lawyers, there is a privacy pact. You can’t tell him about this.

    Chapter 8: What He Found

    Bosco goes home shortly after Myolie had put bandages on him. He wants to go home and forget about what had happened. He wants to forget about Myolie. He wants to forget about work and all his troubles for once. However, after showering, Bosco starts thinking about Myolie once again as he lays on his bed.
    Bosco (to himself): Bosco, what are you doing? Are you falling for Myolie? She always bickers with you. What is it that you see in her? It was only three minutes. She may be gentle now. But, she has always been a monster-like creature, trying to argue over every little thing. Forget it, just go to bed Bosco!
    The next morning, Bosco wakes up and goes to work. However, because he was thinking about Myolie the entire night, he did not get a good night of sleep. Dark circles appeared under his eyes.
    (‘K & M Law Office’)
    Keith: Good morning Bosco. Did you get enough rest?
    Bosco: I didn’t really get rest.
    Keith smirks.
    Keith: Don’t worry. I know exactly why. I understand why.
    Bosco: Hey, it’s not what you think, ok?
    Keith: How do you know what I’m thinking about?
    Bosco: Oh, I know.
    Keith: It’s Myolie, isn‘t it?
    Bosco starting stuttering.
    Bosco: Uh… Uh. No.
    Keith: I’m not questioning any further. Just to let you know I know what you are thinking.
    Bosco: Uh. Anyways… I’m going to do some investigating now.
    Bosco drives to the spa where the male client supposedly goes for facials. He spots the male client.
    Bosco (to himself): That’s him! Let me follow him into the spa.
    Bosco walks into the the spa.
    Receptionist: Hi Mister. How can I help you?
    Bosco: Eh… I’m here for a facial.
    Receptionist: Ok, I can arrange for that. Do you have someone in particular you would like, to do your facial massage?
    Bosco: Yeah, actually. The one who does facials for the man who just walked in.
    Receptionist: Sorry Mister. She is fully booked today. Maybe you can book now for another day.
    Bosco: Oh. Does he usually book her as his facial massager?
    Receptionist: Yeah, I have never seen a man who is so into facials. He comes three times a week!
    Bosco: Three times a week! That’s outrageous!
    Receptionist: That’s what I though too, until she told me they are in a relationship.
    Bosco: In a relationship, huh?
    Receptionist: At least that’s what she told me.
    Bosco: Oh, I see.
    Receptionist: So, would you like to book a facial massage for another time?
    Bosco: Maybe some other time. Bye. And, thanks by the way.
    Bosco leaves the spa and drives back to the law office.
    (‘K & M Law Office’)
    Keith: Oh hey, you’re back! Did you find anything?
    Bosco: Yeah. The receptionist told me that the facial massager told her she is in a relationship with our male client.
    Keith: Uh huh.
    Bosco: See, I knew something was suspicious. I mean why would a man go to a spa so many times a week to get a facial?
    Keith: And?
    Bosco: The receptionist told me he apparently goes for a facial three times a week and always books the same facial massager.
    Keith: That’s odd. I need to give him a call.
    Keith calls their male client.
    Keith: Hello. This is Keith Lau.
    Male Client: Oh hello. Are you calling to inform me about progress to my divorce case?
    Keith: Actually, I called to ask you some questions.
    Male Client: And what questions are those?
    Keith: So, we have found that you go to a spa three times a week and always book the same facial massager?
    Male Client: So?
    Keith: And what is weird is that the receptionist states your massager told her you two were in a relationship?
    Male Client: What? I told her not to tell anybody!
    Keith: So, your wife can find the information that we are able to find. You know that right?
    Male Client: All my wife wants is my money. That’s why I’m trying to divorce her. But, she wants to take a large amount after finalizing the divorce. What can I do Keith?
    Keith: I’ll speak to her lawyer about this.

    Chapter 9: First Time Working Together

    Keith: Mavis, meet me in the conference room. We need to discuss the divorce case.
    Mavis: K, have you called the clients yet?
    Keith: Yeah, they’re coming.
    Mavis: Alright, I’ll tell Myolie.
    (in the conference room)
    Female Client: Mavis, you have to help me claim money from this man.
    Male Client: Keith, tell her, I’m not giving her a penny!
    Keith: Guys, please calm down. We called the meeting to compromise and to stop the arguments.
    Mavis: Let’s sit, take a sip of coffee and discuss what is necessary.
    They all sit down and start discussing the case.
    Female Client: I demand HKD 50,000 monthly allowance after divorce.
    Male Client: And why is that?
    Female Client: Because you are cheating on me!
    Bosco and Keith look at each other, remembering they had not told anyone about the investigation at the spa.
    Male Client: You know we don’t have feelings for each other already. Don’t just talk about me. You are cheating on me too!
    Female Client: Who says?
    Mavis and Myolie look at each other, remembering they had not told anyone about the investigation at the bowling alley.
    Male Client: And how do you know about me?
    Female Client: I found a private investigator to help me.
    Male Client: Is that so? Because I also paid a private investigator.
    Keith and Mavis shake their head.
    Keith: Hey guys. Can we say something?
    Male Client: You’re not getting a penny from me, you cheater!
    Female Client: Ok, you know what? Just give me a one time amount of HKD 10 million. I’ll leave you alone then.
    Male Client: I repeat again. You are not getting a penny from me!
    Female Client: Mavis, is it possible to get anything from him?
    Mavis: Sorry, if he has evidence that you were with another man before the divorce, you cannot obtain anything from him.
    Male Client: Heard that?
    Female Client: Forget it, let me just say I once fell in love with the wrong man.
    Male Client: You never loved me. You married me for my money!
    Female Client: Say what you want!
    The female client storms off.
    Male Client: Well, I think that’s it here. I’ll come to the office again to sign the divorce papers.
    Keith: Ok. See you then.
    The male client leaves.
    Myolie: Woah! The female client hired us to help fight her husband for some money, but they were cheating on each other all along.
    Mavis: And I can’t believe she only married him for his money. Unbelievable!
    Keith: See, the truth on the surface is not always the real truth.
    Bosco: It’s good that we found them to be suspicious and went to investigate them.
    Myolie: But, they found private investigators to investigate one another.
    Mavis: How could they maintain a stable relationship without trusting one another?
    Mavis and Keith look at each other sweetly.
    Bosco: Trusting one another, huh?
    Mavis: Yep.
    Keith: Anyways, Mavis and I are working on a new case and I want you two to help out.
    Myolie: What is this case about?
    Mavis: A young girl was swimming at a pool at a private gym. Her father went to use the bathroom and came back to find her drowning. There were lifeguards on duty. But, no one came to rescue her. Her father is trying to sue the private gym for medical expenses. The gym claims there were lifeguards.
    Myolie: So, we have to figure out why she wasn’t rescued?
    Keith: That is correct.
    Bosco: So, what exactly are we supposed to do?
    Keith: We want you two to go to the gym and figure out what went wrong that day.
    Mavis: Just be careful though.
    Bosco and Myolie look at each other.
    Bosco (to himself): Calm down. Calm down. You two are working together. Stop the thinking.
    Myolie: Do I really have to work with him?
    Keith: Yes. Please.
    (at the pool)
    They change into bathing suits. Bosco looks at Myolie with astonishment.

    Chapter 10: Adventures At The Pool
    Bosco (to himself): Wow! Now, I can declare that she is a true lady. Wow, I never knew she was this beautiful. I never knew she could be so feminine. So, I’m falling in love with her? I can’t do that! I must control my feelings.
    Myolie walks next to Bosco.
    Myolie: Hey, Bosco! Hey!
    Bosco continues staring at Myolie.
    Myolie: Hello! What are you looking at?
    Bosco: Oh… I was looking at you…
    Myolie: Me?
    Bosco: Oh, no… I meant I was look at your goggles.
    Myolie: Goggles?
    Bosco: Um, yeah.
    Myolie looks at him suspiciously.
    Bosco: Seriously, I was only looking at your goggles.
    Myolie: Ok, say what you want.
    Bosco: Anyways, let’s go to the swimming pool and check it out.
    Myolie: I’m ready when you are.
    Bosco and Myolie walk to the swimming pool. Bosco goes down the ladder and enter the five-feet deep water. They start wading around the pool, trying to notice the details of their surroundings. Bosco and Myolie start whispering to one another.
    Bosco: Hey Myolie, look, there are six lifeguards chairs, yet there is actually only one lifeguard on duty.
    Myolie: This is despicable! Why would they have six chairs, yet only have one lifeguard?
    Bosco: Well, it saves them a lot of money for sure!
    Myolie: Yes, but the young girl nearly drowned!
    Bosco: How about this? You go on one side of the pool, and I go on the other side. Then, you pretend to drown, and see how the lifeguard will react, ok?
    Myolie: Just one problem…
    Bosco: What?
    Myolie: I don’t really know how to swim.
    Bosco: Then, why did you come here?
    Myolie: I wouldn’t dare not to listen to Keith and Mavis. They are my si-fus.
    Bosco: I don’t know if I should call you naïve or stupid.
    Myolie: Just get the work done and I can get out of here.
    Bosco: Alright, you go to the left side and I’ll go to the right side of the pool.
    Myolie: Ok, hopefully nothing happens!
    Bosco: Don’t worry. I’ll be watching you. I’ll signal you to pretend to drown when I’m ready. Ok?
    Myolie: Yeah. And, hey, since when did you stopped arguing with me? You always liked to argue with every word I say. Are you falling for me?
    Bosco starts stuttering.
    Bosco: Uh… Uh… Uh… Huh? What?
    Myolie: Ok, fine, if you’re not going to answer the question, then, let’s get some work done.
    Bosco: Alright. Let’s go!
    Myolie walks to the left side of the pool and Bosco starts to swim to the right side of the pool.
    Myolie (to herself): I can do this! I won’t drown.
    Ten minutes later, Bosco signals for Myolie to pretend to drown. Myolie pretends to drown, but she ends up really drowning. She raises her arms and screams for help.
    However, Bosco does not know that Myolie is really drowning.
    Bosco (to himself): What’s the lifeguard doing? Doesn’t he see someone’s drowning?
    Myolie: Help! Help!
    Bosco (to himself): Wait a minute, why is the lifeguard wearing sunglasses and a hat indoors? Is he trying to hide from sleeping?
    Myolie: Help! Help!
    Bosco watches as Myolie sink below the water.
    Bosco (to himself): What is wrong with the lifeguard? Myolie sank below the water already! Should I go save her or wait for the lifeguard? Wait, no, the lifeguard is probably sleeping. Myolie’s really drowning! I have to save her!
    Bosco swims across the pool to pull Myolie up from the water. Bosco brings Myolie out of the pool and starts doing CPR on her.
    Bosco: Myolie, wake up! Wake up! Do you hear me? Wake up, now!
    Bosco continues doing CPR on Myolie.
    Bosco: Wake up Myyo! Wake up!
    Myolie spits out mouthfuls of water. Bosco helps her to sit up.
    Bosco: Are you ok, Myyo?
    Myolie: Yeah… Thank… you. 

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    Chapter 11: Saved By One Another

    (at the swimming pool)

    Bosco: Myolie, you sure you’re ok?
    Myolie: Yeah. Thank you. What was the lifeguard even doing?
    Bosco: From what I saw, I think he was sleeping. Why would he have on sunglasses and a hat when he’s indoors?
    Myolie: No wonder the young girl drowned. I was drowning too.
    Bosco: I actually thought you were still doing the experiment with me, until I saw you sink underwater.
    Myolie: But, thanks anyways for saving me.
    Bosco: I thought you were unconscious. I kept calling your name and telling you to wake up, but you did not respond. I was about to call the ambulance.
    Myolie: Wow, here I am right now. Let’s get changed and I’ll treat you to coffee.
    Bosco: Ok, but I’m telling you now, this coffee treat is not counted in the three things you owe me from last time!
    Myolie: Alright… let’s go already!

    Bosco and Myolie head to the changing rooms to change. They come out ten minutes later.

    Bosco: Done?
    Myolie: Obviously!
    Bosco: Let’s go then.
    Myolie: I was waiting for you.
    Bosco: Is that so?
    Myolie: Let’s go!

    Bosco and Myolie head to the nearest coffee shop. As they are crossing the street, a car heads towards Myolie. Bosco grabs her hand and pulls her towards him.

    Bosco: Watch out for the car!
    Myolie: I didn’t see that! I guessed you saved me once again.
    Bosco: Yeah, surprisingly, I did.

    Bosco is still holding Myolie’s hands as they finish crossing the street.

    Myolie (to herself): Wow, he saved me two times today! And, lately, I’ve noticed that he stopped arguing with me. What’s up with that? And, why is he still holding my hand? Should I just let go, or politely ask him about it?
    Bosco (to himself): Holy! I’m holding her hand! I saved her twice today. And, the feelings are coming back again. Bosco, you promised to control your feelings, remember? Bosco, stop thinking about it. It’s not going to happen.

    Myolie pretends to cough. Bosco lets go of her hand.

    Bosco: Oh, sorry about that.
    Myolie: No problem. Um, coffee right?
    Bosco: Yeah. Sure. Right.
    Myolie: Where’s the coffee shop again?
    Bosco: Uh, I believe it’s right around the corner.
    Myolie: Ok. So it’s not that far away, right?
    Bosco: It’s a few more steps.
    Myolie: Ok…

    Bosco and Myolie enter the coffee shop. They sit down.

    Waiter: Good afternoon. What would you like to order?
    Bosco: I’ll take a cappuccino and a strawberry cheesecake.
    Myolie: And I’ll have a mocha and blueberry cheesecake.
    Waiter: Alright. They’ll be out in a few minutes. Just sit for a while.
    Myolie: Thank you.

    The waiter leaves to place their order.

    Myolie: I still cannot believe the lifeguard! Does he not know he is on duty? How many more accidents can happen?
    Bosco: I know right! You almost drowned! So, both parties are right in this case. There was a lifeguard on duty, just one that doesn’t pay attention and is careless.
    Myolie: The young girl could have really died if her father didn’t save her on time.
    Bosco: This is ridiculous! Let me call Keith and tell him about what we found.

    Bosco calls Keith and tells him what they found at the private gym. The waiter brings out their coffee and cheesecake.

    Waiter: Enjoy!
    Bosco: Thank you!

    After eating, Bosco and Myolie walk back to the law office. As they are crossing the street, another car heads toward Bosco. Bosco does not see the car, as his mind is busy thinking about Myolie and the case. Myolie, seeing Bosco not attentive to the car, grabs his arms as they run across the road.

    Myolie: Hey! Are you out of your mind? That car almost killed you!
    Bosco: Oh, sorry, I was thinking about the case!

    Myolie lets go of his arm.

    Bosco (to himself): What’s going on today? I saved her twice and she saved me once? Is this our destiny? Is this fate?
    Myolie: Hey, pay attention when you’re crossing the street Bosc!
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    awww wow, thats pretty good, well done on this work :) go work for tvb and be a success