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  1. hiake

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    Seeing that my favourite thread Last movie you saw? was closed, here's Last movie you saw, v2.0!

    Okay, so let's start.

    I saw Young People F*cking just tonight on the first night of TIFF, it was a cool comedy -- I found some of the jokes FUNNY AS HELL... Though I would say girls will have the last laugh seeing this film -tongue2

    It was kind of funny how everyone starting to refer to this film as Young People Fu... So yeah, loads of sex scenes, but surprisingly nothing too sexual...

    Too bad no clips on youtube...

    PS> Mods, I KNOW there's a thread in the lounge <> which is of the same nature, but seeing the precedent thread was in fact in the non-asian entertainment news section I started this here, if applicable, please merge the 2 threads... Thanks -^_^
  2. Knoctur_nal

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    this will flow like this for now.
  3. MissCheekS

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    "bourne ultimatum"...nice one...not just a action movie...better than bourne supremacy...
    love how jason bourne plays tricks on everyone

    "im a cyborg but thats ok"....boring....i didnt even finish it...
  4. zoom_zoom

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    "hostel" <-- freaked me out and made me wonder if these things really occur as society is getting more and more screwed up every single day...
  5. tree

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    "Secret" and "881" --> watched one after another =)
  6. tomatoman

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    blades of glory....laugh so hard i woke my sister at 4am in the morning....especially when they use that cross -crotch skill kakakakaka
  7. khaotic

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    Best... Action.... Movie.... Of.... The.... Year....
    At least so far :)

    I saw Shoot em up in theaters. Acting was horrible.... I know you can't expect much from these types of films, but come on.... Even Clive Owen wasn't that good. Action scenes were good, but every other part of the movie just pissed me off
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  8. hiake

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    My favourite part was when they were at the station... Bourne is like a puppeteer in manipulating the scene. Absolutely awesome.

    And the last film I saw? Hmmmm, it was Lust Caution.

    YES! It WAS Lust Caution.

    And I have not, for a single moment, regretted waiting in line for 5+ hours outside the venue, because it was totally worth it... I saw Tong Wei, Ang Lee and... Tony Leung in person, at TIFF, at this North American primere of Lust Caution.

    To anyone who thinks that the film about gay shepherds was great, you just need to see the kind of brilliance Ang Lee mustered up for this film. The casting was so fitting, you simply CANNOT imagine anyone else besides Tong Wei, Tony Leung, Lee-hom Wang and Joan Chen Chong in those roles. Tong Wei as a new-comer is definitely one to watch... This is a memorable casting decision, to choose Tong Wei -worship

    I think I am exhausted from all the excitement right now... But OMG! Tony Leung!!! -inlove

    Ang Lee proved, yet again, that he can do Chinese subtlety and Hollywood grandeur equally well... But alas, words fail me at the moment... -sweat Maybe a review later... If I can gather my thoughts about it... But to say the least... -rockon
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  9. MissCheekS

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    Yeah that station part was it when he plays tricks on them...

    butta...U didnt see lee hom!?!?
    hmmm....i wanna see that movie too =(
  10. last movie was bond, my friend had to wake me up as i was snoring ://
  11. MissCheekS

    MissCheekS Reconnaîssant ❤

    do u mean bond aka james bond aka 007?
    because i quite enjoyed that movie....this new guy is doing a good job imo...
    hes more agressive than the old gives 007 just that bit of extra because pierce brosnan was gettin kinda boring to me
  12. khaotic

    khaotic Fobulous

    Casino Royale revitalized my love for the Bond franchise. Instead of using a number of dumb gadgets, it went back to the old bond style. Badass :)
  13. [N]

    [N] RATED [ ]

    ^ yup that movie was badass, the "balls" torture scene was the funniest shit ever, couldn't stop laughing there...
  14. brown_bear

    brown_bear ☆‧° ☆﹒﹒‧ ☆ ﹒﹒‧☆‧° ☆

    infernal affairs I.....loved it....

    andy lau [​IMG]
  15. tamagodaisuki

    watched all 3 jason bourne movies yesterday
  16. khaotic

    khaotic Fobulous

    :O First time watching it? and that movie was awesome :)
    Good for you! *HI 5*
  17. MissCheekS

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    Hahahaha...i cant believe u liked that scene...even i was watching it with one eye closed because i couldnt imagine the horrible pain the poor guy must have been going through....and ur a guy....
    u should "feel" his pain dude hahaha

    *steals icon* huhuhu =D
    Did u watch the protege as well?
    Andy lau looked sooo old in that movie...he wasnt even attractive....:p
    butta...daniel wu on the other hand....???
    .:)-inlove-blush-devil yes...he looked quite hot hehe
  18. hiake

    hiake Vardøgr of da E.Twin

    Same here... Well, okay, not EXACTLY snoring, but bored out of my wits if I can say so... -sweat

    I prefer a bond who is extremely capable instead of fighting like street combat... messy and inefficient >.<
  19. Knoctur_nal

    Knoctur_nal |Force 10 from Navarone|

    GrindHouse dvd...gota give it up for casino royale..old school and not that many gadgets..
  20. hiake

    hiake Vardøgr of da E.Twin

    I have this tingling suspicion that guys may end up loving Eastern Promises for its messy fight scene... Did I mention that Viggo Mortensen fought NAKED (well, covered in tattoos, but sans clothing) in one of them?

    I have yet to see GrindHouse, Kill Bill just snuffed out my interest in Tarantino and Sin City totally turned me off (so no more Robert Rodriguez in a while for me)... Maybe later...