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    Lam ka Wah plays the good side to balance the story. He plays 'Master Wong fei Hung' (黃飛鴻), the ever famous martial arts master from 'futt san'. He has two students, namely 'ghost-leg 7' and 'toothbrush sou'. His personality is a total contrary of Evil Kin, he forgets and forgives, he has a kind heart and also very helpful. He has a mission which is defied by everyone; he accepts evil Kin as his student in order to teach Evil Kin to become a good person again.

    I think he's little too honest to believe Evil Kin, which is quite tactless, nevertheless he's true to everyone.

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    he kinda over-act, especially at the end of EP18. And, he looks old, older to fit the role. good actor tho.
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    ^ at first i was like WHao...whos this old dude...and later found out...lolweird....OH and its so funny when he starts telling his storiesXD
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    Hate him because he thick headed and pathetic.
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    i dont think his acting was that great in this series...
    i liked him better in on the first beat even though it was a small role he played
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    the whole point of Dominic Lam's portrayal of Wong Fei Hung is to poke fun of Wong Fei-Hung in the old black & white movies. Yes, it harkens back to the times when Wong Fei-Hung was played by Kwan Tak-Hing.