L change the WorLd

Discussion in 'Japanese Chat' started by saikira, Feb 8, 2008.

  1. saikira

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    A spin-off movie of death note focuses on L's last 23 days


    premieres tomorrow~ pix of Kenichi Matsuyama [松山健一] promoting his latest movie

  2. khaotic

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    Spoiler alert!!! highlight to see

    ----->So this takes place after he got kira? It follows to final days until he dies from the note?<----
  3. hiake

    hiake Vardøgr of da E.Twin

    ^ YES, that's correct

    OMG OMG OMG I SO totally want to see this... If only I can find it with Chinese sub >.<
  4. khaotic

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    Meh. I thought the first 2 movies were crap. How will this be any better? :|

    There's not even a Kira O_O
  5. hiake

    hiake Vardøgr of da E.Twin

    I just see it as a thriller with L in it -devil

    I am so totally hearting Ken'ichi Matsuyama... Though I hate his stubbles when he plays L (sometimes you can see shadows = EWWW)
  6. [N]

    [N] RATED [ ]

    this L guy still looks like a lonely boy who cuts himself at night while locking himself in his room -rotfl
  7. hiake

    hiake Vardøgr of da E.Twin

    Not to mention SIZZLING HOT!

    Did I tell you I love your new avvy? I guess not, but I DO! I love the muted Takeshi Kaneshiro. Though my favourite part was with Leon Lai and Karen Mok in the MacDonald's
  8. [N]

    [N] RATED [ ]

    ^ lol L seems like a goth child

    anyways here you go (found it...google):


    avy sized too... wong kar wai and fallen angels is awesome...muted takeshi totally stole the show seriously he was hilarious, his story was kinda emotional... karen mok was kinda weird though


    faye wong in chungking express was cool too.....california dreamin!!!!
  9. hiake

    hiake Vardøgr of da E.Twin

    The first pic doesn't work LOL

    But yeah, love the whole ice-cream cart thing... And Charlie Yeung with Takeshi Kaneshiro (about the hypothetical woman "Golden haired Ling" -lol) was awesome for some odd reason... I loved the ending song "Only You" by Flying pickets along with the ending sequence of Kaneshiro riding into the dark with Yeung (yes, that's the scene of your avvy) It was the most beautiful combination of music and visual.

    For Chungking Express, I loved how Faye Wong hid in the wardrobe when Tony Leung came back suddenly, it was funny as hell. And oh oh, changing all the labels on tomato sardine and black bean fish can? Priceless.
  10. [N]

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    ^didn't really pay attention to the musical part of that scenes...other musical+picture scene stood out to me more, like the theme when leon lai was hitting the restaurant up. and michelle reis and the jukebox...awesome blend to me. but the ending scene was no doubt shot beautifully. and that is not yeung at the end...it is him and michelle reis lol -sweat

    and yea faye wong was "cute" in chungking express lol...too bad they were not a couple on 2046, her and tony leung...but it's a different story

    anyways hopefully the pic works now:


    ronald in the back lol...
  11. hiake

    hiake Vardøgr of da E.Twin

    It's lovely... I really need to see Fallen Angel again soon... Can't seem to find authentic DVD of it (nor Chungking Express :()

    I also loved Michelle Reis going through Leon Lai's garbage bin, obsession at its best.

    Are we weird for talking about Wong Kar-Wai on another film thread?
  12. [N]

    [N] RATED [ ]

    ^compared to the threads' topic, your boy "L".....nah our talks normal compared to that :p
  13. hiake

    hiake Vardøgr of da E.Twin

    I just NEED to do this happy L dance to celebrate seeing him one last time (to erase Light from my memory)

    I can't wait to see this film... No matter how much it sucks, at least I can have certain eye candy -innocent2
  14. super_lover

    super_lover Active Member

    I so wanna see this film!! It's out in HK right now and I wanna be there! The 1st and 2nd was awesome and the third is gonna be even better, I <3 L!
  15. Nnerak

    Nnerak Well-Known Member

    i'm soo watching this
  16. sillumjay

    sillumjay Well-Known Member

    aiiyoorrr i am soo behind in deathnote haha hmmm i gotta make some time to actually watch it and read the mange >.<
  17. hongkongboy

    hongkongboy Well-Known Member

    film should be 11/10
  18. hiake

    hiake Vardøgr of da E.Twin

    Read a few reliable reviews and find out that the film sucks... L was awesome as always, of course, but the story got way over the top that it's cliche and boring all at once.

    I will still buy the DVD though, I am a sucker that way :p
  19. khaotic

    khaotic Fobulous

    As for me... I'll avoid this film in it's entirety.
  20. lovinglyxx

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    L change the world, or changeD the world?
    i wana watch that stephen chow movie below it more lol