Kwan Shu Ming assures the health of cast members of new drama

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    Kwan Shu Ming, one of the producers of the new series, "Diary of Criminal Investigation", recently assured that the cast and crew of the said production are safe from COVID-19.

    As reported on Mingpao, the producer spoke to the media about the situation following news that one of the actors of the said drama, Kayan Yau has had interaction with Zaina Sze - the latter who has been diagnosed with the coronavirus recently.

    Said Kwan, some of the main actors like Vincent Wong, Benjamin Yuen, Philip Keung, Mandy Wong, and Lai Lok Yi, as well as staff including the chief director, assistant director and he himself have already undergone the COVID test and were all tested negative.

    "We will continue to safeguard our production and fight against the pandemic together. I hope everybody will wear masks and disinfect themselves frequently," he said.

    As for the filming progress, Kwan stated that they have halted it temporarily so that the team would feel more at ease following the news about Zaina. In addition, several changes had to be made in terms of location due to the tightening of the gathering restriction due to the resurgence of COVID cases.

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Discussion in 'Chinese Entertainment' started by shinobi, Jul 25, 2020.