Kristy Shaw denies using connection to win at Miss HK 2021

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    Miss Hong Kong 2021 second runner up Kristy Shaw recently dismissed the notion that she won the said placing due to her connections.

    As reported on China Times, the beauty queen, who was in the top three despite not receiving much press coverage and not standing out during competition, was recently accused of such after not only being placed second runner-up and Miss Friendship, but was also seen being personally helped to take photos by TVB powerhouse, Eric Tsang.

    Many claimed that her family may have been one of the sponsors of the said pageant.

    Speaking about the controversy, Kristy stated that she doesn't have any connections to help her win and that it was all a misunderstanding.

    "I was helping a lady fix her hair, and it might have lead up to everyone thinking I was her daughter or relative," she said.

    Kristy added that the only people close to her who came that night was her boyfriend and a cousin.

    Eric has also previously denied the rumour after he was reported to have helped taken a photo of Kristy's parents. He clarified that the person whose photo he had taken was one of the programme sponsors.

    "The result was determined by the judges. I really have no power to intervene," he added.

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    Always thought that was kind of the norm rather than exception. Someone knows someone or someone slept with someone - it's the dark side of entertainment industry. Like the whole Harvey Weinstein before the "MeToo" movement? Everyone kinda knows it's going on but no one talks about it kind of arrangements.
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    To be honest here, she needs the connection. Just look at her... I dont want to elaborate any further.
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    lol, I needed to google some more images of her to see if the pic was exaggerated, lets just say makeup glow up not exactly do a good job so what like without!
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    Ouch ... :rofl:
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