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Discussion in 'Korean Chat' started by nitenitemrx, Mar 26, 2006.

  1. pawn

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    I like all asian girl . and I love it .all are beautiful .
  2. tekkamatch

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    lol i think i have a korean friend like that lol AHAH damn she dirty.
  3. crystalized

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    i think koreans in general just have a sense of confidence that sets them apart from the other asian races.. they have a LOT of pride for their culture. there's pros and cons to that of course, but i guess we non-koreans just have to be understanding

    i've met some korean girls who are very sweet and down-to-earth. they are the innocent type, not super "hot" like girls in drama but still cute i'd say!

    they are a bit possessive and demanding though i think...
  4. lala_bel_tempo

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    international koreans > study > pay a lot > wealthy family > and there's your answer to the stuck up, car and plenty of cash.
  5. ^ that is almost like every other international student..... especially the ones that go to the ivy league schools....
  6. bbes

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    ye i can imagine, basically anybody who goes to the IVY league schools can be quite stuck up and arrogant esp. harvard.
  7. Yale, Princeton, Dartmouth, Oxford yeah..... pretty much arrogance comes with the school.....>___< but of course there are those few.....

    i would like to date a korean girl though.... would be interesting
  8. bbes

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    well yea u do get some cool ppl as well. my friend is going to cambridge and hes a nice guy that is pretty normal.
  9. ^ really..........-.-; wow..... im going to redeem this thread with this.......

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    ^ thanks for redeeming this thread akki...
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    ^ they sounded sooo annoying. LOL.
  13. you should hit that thanks button LMFAO :shifty:
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    rofl someone is sure wanting the thanks.
  15. ~Eternity~

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    I've met Korean girls that are stuck up and I've met ones that are shy...

    Either way they aren't bad just the way they are... Like if you live in some small city in USA then you go to NYC all the girls there seem stuck up too...

    Ways to get with a stuck up girl
    ~Most simply way ~Nice car and rich
    ~Ignore them... pretend you don't even notice them...
    ~Talk to everyone around them but if you ever see her just say hi... like shes nothing special

    Bottem line is don't ever praise a girl... Its a complete turn off for girls that way... Think of it like this... you are a GREAT guy and if she doesn't talk to you its her lost... When talking to her... talk about something you like or something you have interest in(I know this sounds like the all about me attitude but its the way it is)... now you understand why the jerks always gets the girls -bigsmile
  16. iris

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    I think Korean girls are beautiful as well as sexy. Even though I don't speak any, just listening to the girls speak just drives me nuts about them.
  17. bbes

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    wat so its their accent that grabs u?
  18. iris

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    You could say that. Every time I go to this Korean boba shop and I hear the girls speak it's like oOoOOoo /drool haha. Plus a lot of the girls have a unique sense of fashion that makes them unique to the other girls at my uni
  19. bbes

    bbes Incredible

    is that to every korean girl who speaks, cos everyone has a different voice even if the accent is the same.