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  1. bobbylee

    bobbylee Well-Known Member

    I think Kevin's acting is pretty good in FH2. Especially his facial expressions, can't not smile when he does. But sometimes he acts a bit over the top. What do you guys think?
  2. BigM

    BigM Well-Known Member

    He's an alright actor. Sometimes I feel that he is struggling to act in certain scenes, but most of the time he's pretty convincing.
  3. Chibi12

    Chibi12 Well-Known Member

    He is an ok actor though stil has a long way to go. With the series ive seen him in, his acting is good at some parts but not in others, need to be more consistant. Though i do like his character, think he portrays the laid back happy go lucky character which makes pple smile when he comes on screen.
  4. lalalala4

    lalalala4 Active Member

    I think Kevin really improved more and more now.. especially when he tells Madam Ma that he likes her, it's finally convincing that he likes another actress other than Niki Chow, which is really good.. (not that I don't like Kevin and Niki together...) But it will limit his career if he can't convince people that he is really in love with another actress in the series.
  5. never been a fan of his acting... he just looks good on cam :/
  6. kexistence123

    kexistence123 New Member

    I think his acting is improving but he is for sure eye candy!
  7. bobbylee

    bobbylee Well-Known Member

    i like his character, seems to suit him
  8. Chibi12

    Chibi12 Well-Known Member

    Agree, I sorta got sick of watching him with Niki all the time, i like it wen TVB decides to pair different pple up, otherwise it just feels tedious to watch.
  9. KaY_xD

    KaY_xD 但願人長久,千里共嬋娟

    can u believe he's almost 39!!! omg.......he still act like a boy
  10. liquidzyklon

    liquidzyklon Well-Known Member

    He's fortunate to look young at that age.
  11. Phil

    Phil 香港 PA 社團 揸Fap 人

    lol i reckon Kevin's Acting was pretty good, but then agian, most of the main cast's acting was pretty serious and Pro , but i just cant stand it when they TRY to be funny and its not funny at all
  12. star2010

    star2010 Member

    Kevin, his acting is ok not good. this guy only has a look, but i dont think he s handsome
  13. tvfan07

    tvfan07 Well-Known Member

    I love Kevin acting now more and more if compare last time. His acting got improved alot and in this series he looks more handsome and cute when he is with Charmaine. I love all his series with Niki Chow as couple but in this series, he got the new partner that is Charmaine and it is really fresh to me and I think both of them are really got the chemistry. Quite love them as a couple beside he with Niki.
  14. darc_angel

    darc_angel Member

    Though I like him, there's really nothing special in his acting in this series. He's been paired up with Charmaine before in Yummy Yummy so this isn't really something "fresh" to me. In most of his series, he portrays a happy-go-lucky guy, so that's nothing new. He really needs to be exposed to new roles, versatility will definitely test his acting abilities.

    I think his acting has definitely improved, like in the Ultimate Crime Fighter, his performance there was really convincing, and proved to me that he can act.
  15. bbes

    bbes Incredible

    i think his acting is pretty gd. its nothing special but its pretty gd. though i do think he looks very gd considering his age. he prob is one of the best looking male actors.
  16. monkey_hero

    monkey_hero Member

    His acting is alright however his character in movies and series that it just becomes sooo unrealistic.
  17. Kaitou_Kid

    Kaitou_Kid Well-Known Member

    ahaha, finally in love with somebody other thant niki chow.i always liked kevins acting. and being eye candy is a plus <3
  18. whitenight

    whitenight Well-Known Member

    Personally I think Kevin's character is nothing new. He always plays the same kind of characters. I like seeing him in different roles like in TUCF. His acting is alright.
  19. x_divinity

    x_divinity Well-Known Member

    I didn't like his acting >< I don't think I ever did. I always feel that he's really... emotionless o_O
  20. his acting is ok , I think he should approach the scenes in a different way and maybe he can do a little better