Kent Cheng as Kam Shek

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    Oh my...This man is so cute. He reminds me of his good acting as 'Fei Mao' years ago. I find his character a wise man and a great friend to Steven. I'm often touched by the words he say to Linda and Steven, which are so real : words of wisdom. His quite a comedian and he added life to this drama. A great actor, one of a kind. What do u think?
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    Ahh, Kent Cheng... he is a great actor. Every time he speaks or has something to say, they inspire you. He cares and helps alot for his friends. No matter what it is, he will do it, just to make you happy. I hope he will appear in more series.
  3. lovinglyxx

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    aww yea he is cute, i knew i remembered him from some other show!! then i realised wen watching him doing some actions with his hands- fei mao! lol aww that was a good show too- but sad :(

    his words of wisdom sometimes annoys me- though true, a bit too cheesy!! i love his relationship with his wife though. His relationship with 'on jai' is sweet but i can see where roy's coming from- when his dad is always comparing him and almost wishing that he was 'on jai'
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    I haven't seen Kent Cheng acting in a long time (I don't think I even watch Fei Mao). But he's a loving character who provides a lot of wisdom for Steven and Linda. I wonder how he's going to reconcile with his son in later episodes.
  5. dreyvii

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    He's a gem. I always thought his Fei Mao actions were down to his acting skills, but I see in this drama that they are actually natural reflexes that he seems to have. Lol
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    "SO GOOD".. he is "SO CUTE".. and he is "SO FUNNY"..haha.. love to watch him in this series..he always love to say those few words " so bad, so good , and others short short english.. its makes the movies goes interesting.. earlier i only saw him as Fei Mou.. but now he is great as this character too..haha...
  7. jazlynnyee

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    one of the great actors...yea i watched fei mao too...that was really great and this isn't bad either!!
  8. bbes

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    this was one of the reasons to why i decided upon watching this show in the first place.
  9. Xzyrus

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    No memory of him what so ever, but he's hilarious in this. His acting seems very natural. His chemistry with Fei See Lai and Steven are great in this.
  10. Espresso Bunny

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    Is he under TVB now? he's great. I recall him on many ATV shows.
  11. tien317

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    He has just completed an ancient drama under TVB. But I'm not sure if he is contracted with TVB.
  12. dreyvii

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    ^Huh? Fei mao in ancient series? Has he ever done that before? Feels a little hard to accept...hehe
  13. what other tvb movie is he in?
  14. tien317

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    Found these online - Kent's acting in series : Personally I only watched 3 - so I cant comment much

    The Legendary Ren Jie (盛世人傑) (TVB, 2008)
    A Journey Called Life (TVB, 2008)
    The Blind Detective (ATV, 2006)
    Innocently Guilty (法內情2002) (ATV, 2002)
    Su Dong Po (騷東坡) (ATV, 2001)
    Food Glorious Food (ATV, 1999)
    Forrest Cat II (ATV, 1999)
    O Kay You Goh Fai Dai Lo (屋企有個肥大佬) (ATV, 1997)
    Forrest Cat (ATV, 1997)
    Dai Chi Hak (大刺客) (TVB, 1997)
    Yau Fai Yan Jong Shing Kuen Shuk (有肥人終成眷屬) (TVB, 1996)
    Long Hing Fu Dai (龍兄鼠弟) (TVB, 1993)
    Gui Gum Gau Wan (鬼咁夠運) (TVB, 1983)
    The Misadventure of Zoo (TVB, 1981)
    Lo Fu Lut So (老虎甩鬚) (TVB, 1981)
    Yi Yan Sam Jok (二人三足) (TVB, 1981)
    Sai An Sun Tam (四眼神探) (TVB, 1979)
  15. tien317

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    His upcoming one is an ancient drama, just completed is The Legendary Ren Jie(盛世仁傑).


    Cast includes:
    Kent Cheng
    Lee Hiong Kam
    Bernice Liu
    Sunny Chan
    Sonija Kwok
    Leila Tong
    Wayne Lai
    Rebecca Chan
    Lam Yi Kei
    Raymond Cho
    Claire Yiu
    Matthew Ko
    Lawrence Ng
    Mimi Chu
    Lai Kai Fong
    Stephen Wong Ka Lok
    Eric Li Tin Cheung
    Stephen Huynh
    Queenie Chu
    Tracy Ip
    Kwong Chor Fa
  16. SUSIE-DANG-1988


    wow! have not seen him since watching him on chiense channel - showed re-peat of: Yau Fai Yan Jong Shing Kuen Shuk (有肥人終成眷屬).. hehehes starring with sunny chan. ahh no wonder he not been in tvb, he's moved to atv. boo!

    in this series he is soo funny! hehehes. especially when he spks english "so bad" hahahahs. i like his realtioship with steven ma.
  17. dreyvii

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    ^ Yeah, they have good chemistry together. They seem more like father and son than with Raymond cho
  18. bbes

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    kent cheng is in another series, wow looks likes hes back.