Kenneth Ma still in disbelief that he won TV King

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    TVB actor Kenneth Ma recently admitted that he still can't believe that he has won Best Actor at the 2019 TVB Anniversary Awards.

    As reported on Mingpao, the actor who spoke to the media following the event, shared that he didn't hold much hope to win this year as his opponents - that included Benjamin Yuen and Joel Chan - are very good actors.

    "I only hoped to win Best Drama. Even my mother did not expect that much," he said.

    When mentioned that it took him more than a decade to finally win the award, Kenneth said that he had just heard from Lifetime Achievement Award winner Lau Dan about waiting 52 years for an accolade.

    "Mine is too trivial compared to him. Although it has been 12 years, I have actually been nominated Best Actor way before, back when I starred in "The Hippocratic Crush" [in 2012]," he said.

    When asked how he plans to celebrate his TV King win, Kenneth said that he would like to have dinner with his cast and crew.

    "I want to have a gathering with everybody from "Big White Duel". Hopefully everybody will take a time to attend," he enthused.

    As to whether the medical drama will have a sequel, the actor stated that he has no idea about the producer's plans.

    "But I hope there will be one," he added.

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Discussion in 'Chinese Entertainment' started by shinobi, Jan 17, 2020.