Kenneth Ma and Roxanne Tong announce engagement

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    Kenneth Ma and Roxanne Tong are officially engaged to be married.

    The news was shared by the couple on social media on New Year's Day, with a photo of a unicorn plushy holding and kissing a stuffed horse, a diamond ring placed on its horn.

    Roxanne posted, "2023. 1.1. 13:14", and wrote in the hashtag that they are engaged.

    Friends and fans took to the comments to express their happiness with the news, with Tiffany Lau writing, "Soo extremely happy for you two. CONGRATULATIONS and wishing you both forever love & happiness."

    When asked about the proposal, Roxanne said that it did not happen recently, but stated that they would rather keep the actual date to themselves.

    The couple started dating in 2020, following Kenneth's breakup with Jacqueline Wong.

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    Ah Kenny finally scores it
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    Congrats to them both.
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    congrats to both