Kelly Fu Puts Koni Lui and Dickson Wong on Blast for Using Her to Create Publicity Years Ago

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    TVB actress, Koni Lui (呂慧儀), shocked the entertainment industry when she and now ex-husband, Dickson Wong (黃文迪), announced their divorce on March 9th. While many of their celebrity friends showed concern and pity over their divorce, fellow TVB actress, Kelly Fu (傅嘉莉), posted a lengthy Instagram post throwing shade at Koni Lui and Dickson Wong for dragging her into a publicity stunt years ago.

    In her lengthy post, she explains how friends sent her news of Koni Lui and Dickson Wong’s divorce. She says seeing the picture from 6 years ago gets her mad and once to clear her name. Kelly Fu then says she was absolutely not the girl wearing black nail polish in the picture. She says she was considered good friends and colleagues with Koni Lui and Dickson Wong and was even a bridesmaid at their wedding. She explains she had black nail polish on at that time because she was attending different events and so she wore different events and matched different nail polish colors.

    She continues to say, “Once the news came out, everyone’s reaction was “That hand is not Koni Lui’s. That car is not their seven seater car.” Why is that couple, who is holding each other’s hand, who is wearing black nail polish, who is in their own car, who took that picture, who uploaded that picture, would impact me? Why would reporters immediately think it was me? They said I was the one holding Dickson Wong’s hand. The next day, all the newspapers didn’t clear my name. They all said I was the one wearing black nail polish. I was given the label or “taking my friend’s husband.”

    Kelly Fu finishes off saying, “Lastly, I want to say that as we were once friends before, it is a pity knowing they separated. I ask my friends to stop sending their news to me. Reporters also don’t need to keep asking me to comment about them.”

    After Kelly Fu’s public tirade, Koni Lui posted an Instastory seemingly in response to Kelly Fu’s post.


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Discussion in 'Chinese Entertainment' started by shinobi, Mar 11, 2019.