Kelly Cheung takes plastic surgery claims as compliment

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    Kelly Cheung is not at all affected by rumours of plastic surgery that have been plaguing her recently – taking this as a compliment instead.

    The TVB actress, who sat down for an interview with Mingpao, stated that the idea that people think that her natural appearance is "so beautiful that it can't be real" is more a praise than anything else and thanked everybody for giving her such a great compliment.

    "I started as a model. I have done various types of make-ups and acted as a spokesperson for three banks, but nobody realised that it was the same person. Make-up really changes my looks," she said.

    Kelly also stated that she admires people with natural beauty like Brigitte Lin and Cherie Cheung, saying that she follows their examples by always paying great attention to skincare.

    "My mum and dad are also very well-maintained that people think that my dad is my brother. My mum also used to be a beautician when I was younger, so I have learned how to use facial cleanser since I was ten. I hope to inherit their genes, but filming dramas tend to cause pressure and it affects your skin," she said.

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Discussion in 'Chinese Entertainment' started by shinobi, Nov 13, 2020.