Kate Tsui's twin sister

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  1. kevin

    kevin RAWR!

    What do you think?

    I think this sort of act is rather cliché as it have been seen in several TVB series.
    It's funny though, especailly when the princess got captured by the evil Kate and then the good Kate offered the princess food+new clothes, as soon as she left the room she entered in the evil Kate form, hence making princess confused.
  2. moranna

    moranna Well-Known Member

    Not to bad in this, doesn't stay out or annoy me, so no problem so far.
  3. KaY_xD

    KaY_xD 但願人長久,千里共嬋娟

    i just think she's crazy and has schizophrenia
  4. kevin

    kevin RAWR!

    Surprised that she is a Gum Yee Wai, I knew she wasn't just a normal boss!
  5. Kaitou_Kid

    Kaitou_Kid Well-Known Member

    Yeah, I agree. That was really surprising. Only thing I know is, this girl has problems!
  6. Dragon*D

    Dragon*D Well-Known Member

    Yeah definitely.
  7. kevin

    kevin RAWR!

    Seems like there is in fact another Kate Tsui, I thought it was just her mind ticking her. Her little sister is named 'chor chor', typical twin name used in TVB series/drama.
  8. turbobenx

    turbobenx .........

    dam, technology def. evolved. The edited scene with her seem soooo real.
  9. kevin

    kevin RAWR!

    Lol it's easy to do with the technology/experience that TVB has. I done it before using Sony Vegas and it look pretty real but not as real as that scene.
  10. all I know is.. this shit just got all complicated..

    at first yout hought it was all in her head.. now they're talking face to face.. and now she's gonna confront Michael Tse..

    but that shit Sire Ma... bitch is crazy! trying to have him all to herself..
  11. turbobenx

    turbobenx .........

    i think the story is actually starting to pick up from today's episode.
  12. KaY_xD

    KaY_xD 但願人長久,千里共嬋娟

    i came home, and thats when the two kate tsui are together on TV. i was like....DAMNN not schizophrenic! haha
  13. [N]

    [N] RATED [ ]

    haha nice twist though, soo many schizo characters on tvb, to use it to hide the truth that there is two person is something pretty new. And kate's actually decent in this role, not surprise she went bigger than linda chung and shit. I actually dig her character in this story.