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  1. dreyvii

    dreyvii Well-Known Member

    What do you think of her acting?

    IMHO, she's been in the industry for quite some time, and of course has improved from when she first started. But I still don't think she can act well. There are some scenes when I feel she's very fake and her expressions are forced. Also don't like the way she tries to act cute...or is she naturally that way? I don't know...just can't take it. In this drama, I think it's pretty appropriate when they made her dub the cartoon kid voices, cos she really sounds like a cartoon character...fake.

    Looks wise, not gorgeous, but not ugly either. There are some shots of her that make her look quite pretty, but once she opens her mouth to speak, well, it just annoys me.
  2. Phil

    Phil 香港 PA 社團 揸Fap 人

    just watched the first ep, she was alright, but shes too kind, lol thats why she gets bullied, her acting wasnt that bad, not bad enough to piss me off :p
  3. arizona

    arizona Well-Known Member

    Hate the voice- too cutesy...even if she is supposed to play the role of a very sweet girl.
  4. kenshin

    kenshin Well-Known Member

    she has become a better actress imo..her expressions look less forced than before (forgot the name of serie with samuel chan as badguy..)
  5. xaznxryux

    xaznxryux Well-Known Member

    personally i think she improved a lot in this series, i dont feel as if she was faking or forcing emotions...

    i actually felt kind of emotional myself watching her in episode 12. imo, i still think her acting is > Linda Chung or Fala Chen.

    Probably not as cute as Linda, but still cute enough and her voice isnt as annoying as Linda and Fala. Shes a very strong actress i think.
  6. Cheyanna

    Cheyanna Well-Known Member

    She has definitely become a better actress and she has improved alot.
  7. at first she played lot of tom boy roles.. but this series she very girly like :) very pretty... did she get her lips done? they are extra big or juicy -blush2 and her eyes seem bigger too...but anyhow very hot in this series!

    as for her acting never was a fan...didn't agree with her winning best new comer for TVB and Hong Kong cinema...i think Linda Chung is way better than her. but thats my opinion.

    this series is very simple and light hearted i like the whole studio dubbing thing... it's interesting. :)
  8. sunphu2

    sunphu2 Member

    she looked better in this drama than other ones that she has been in, not only that but her acting improved alot also.
  9. Dan35

    Dan35 Member

    I think she is naturally cute as I've seen in some of the videos of her functions. To be honest, she's by far my favorite character in the series and I just love her cute personality, its is very addictive :) .
  10. skyline2288

    skyline2288 Well-Known Member

    the only thing i like about her is her voice, which is quite good and the look is ok too i guess
  11. dreyvii

    dreyvii Well-Known Member

    I suppose Fala's voice is annoying cos she has an accent? But I think Kate's voice sounds very cartoonish

    I totally agree with you. Kate looks rather hot. And I think Linda can act better too...

  12. love_of_tvb

    love_of_tvb Well-Known Member

    i gotta admit that after watching this, i gradually started to kind of like her. (but she has a sore voice)
  13. AznAce88

    AznAce88 Active Member

    Same here, after watching this series I started liking her more. From previous series, she was evven worse with her fake squeaky voice and forced expressions, she definitely improved in this series and she is actually pretty matching with kenneth.

    IMO, she is still not as good as either linda or fala yet. Linda has a much better voice and looks =)
  14. tonkachi

    tonkachi Well-Known Member

    her acting definitely has gotten a lot better than before and i can see that she has had a lot of irmprovement...but i feel that some of her scene's seem really fake..like she is trying to get it but it just doesn't jive

    but this girly roll is a departure from her tomboyish roles and she looks good
  15. kennyxiao88@hotmail.com

    kennyxiao88@hotmail.com Well-Known Member

    She's gotten alot better, but still not all that great :p n' the whole cute scene works maybe 1/3 of the time...Like I mean she's suppose to play the sister the responsible one and then just outta no where she'd become like the cute lil kid...just doesn't work that way...
  16. Espresso

    Espresso Well-Known Member

    Her voice sometimes cracks. I've followed her since Miss HK days and I like her regardless. But to be unbiased, her acting in these roles aren't that good.
  17. instantnoodlesXP

    instantnoodlesXP Well-Known Member

    yah, her voice is scratchy-ish when she goes into the cute mode. But I think her voice sounds much better than linda, fala, and yoyo's. It's not the annoying type with the high pitch accent and whatever.
  18. Toilet

    Toilet Well-Known Member

    I like her character in this series
    but her voice is rather husky
    is it because she has voice acting lessons which gave her a sore throat?
    or she put that on to make it sound cute?
    her voice used to be annoying, it's nice and soothing now :D
  19. Supra

    Supra Well-Known Member

    she's pretty

    i was mostly focusing on claire yiu, kenneth ma and kate tsui.. i didnt bother paying attention watching others.. btw claire is hot
  20. akagarwa1

    akagarwa1 Active Member

    how come i dont remember a series where her acting isn't as good?