Justice Bao: The First Year - 包青天再起風雲 (2019)

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    English Title:

    Justice Bao: The First Year

    Chinese Title:


    Chong Wai-kin


    Shaun Tam
    Nancy Wu
    Owen Cheung
    Elaine Yiu
    Grace Chan
    Raymond Cho
    Kelly Fu

    During the reign of Emperor Renzong of Song, Shaun Tam takes office as the magistrate of Kaifeng. Shaun, his adviser Raymond Cho, bodyguard Owen Cheung, and four bailiffs work together to combat crooked trends. Nancy Wu, the daughter of a merchant, is an eloquent speaker and receives guidance from Raymond as she becomes a lawyer. Elaine Yiu, a maid from Gaochang, is skilled in autopsies. The two women help the seven men of Kaifeng solve many cases. But there are many dangers lurking within Kaifeng. The tyrannical Henry Li repeatedly tries to harm Shaun. Shaun and Elaine have common interests and slowly develop a romance, until he discovers her real identity, which is concealing a huge conspiracy... Nancy's father (KK Cheung) has unloyal ambitions and accuses the Emperor of not being the rightful emperor! Shaun faces his most difficult case. Will he bury his consciousness for the sake of society or reveal the truth?

    Airing July 22 replacing As Time Goes By 好日子

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    anyone watch this? any good?
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  3. it aint bad great cast but I like the cases/stories in 'Our Unwinding Ethos' show they are more interesting