Joyce Tang Says Ending the Relationship was a Pity

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    Joyce Tang Says Ending the Relationship was a Pity


    It was reported that Joyce Tang and Marco Ngai had recently ended their 9 year relationship and on Thursday, Marco announced that they had officially broke up a few months ago. But as for Joyce, she seems to have been avoiding reporters for the past few days and has not spoken out publicly on the issue.

    Yesterday, Joyce was filming for her latest TVB series '和味濃情'. It appeared that Joyce knew that there would be reporters waiting for her as she had her make up already done when she arrived. When seeing the reporters, Joyce put down her make up bag, smiled and allowed reporters to take photos of her. When asked if their had been a change in feelings, Joyce replied, "We did split up, but there was no third person. (What was the reason?) There was no reason. (Do you think it was a pity to end such a long relationship?) Ok, it was a pity."

    Despite breaking up, Joyce disclosed that her relationship with Marco is friendly and that they still keep in contact. Regarding Marco saying that although he has moved out from their apartment he has still left a lot of his belongings there, Joyce said, "Yes he still has stuff at the apartment. (Are you going to move?) I don't know yet."
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    Oh...that's kinda sad. They made a good couple. I honestly believed they would end up getting married and everything. At least they ended things on a friendly note.
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    Hmm...that's really sad to hear, i liked this couple...
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    Additional Reports-

    Joyce Tang Lai Ming and Marco Ngai Chun Kit were always regarded as passionately in love, but there were rumors that the pair have ended their 9 year relationship!

    Allegedly, Joyce and Marco broke up several months ago. Marco moved out of Joyce's apartment and has met another girlfriend.

    Aside from filming for TVB, Joyce has been staying home to repair her broken heart.

    Marco had a colorful dating history. Before dating Joyce, he had several ex-girlfriends, generating much gossip. However once Marco started dating Joyce, his habits stabilized and the two moved into together. Since Joyce and Marco were often spotted together, they were nicknamed "Siamese Twins."

    Since Marco and Joyce discontinued their contract with TVB, they were often separated due to work schedules. Their relationship turned from passionate to cool. Early in 2007, when Marco and Joyce were filming in China, their relationship was already on the rocks.

    Marco was photographed going out with another woman earlier in the month. The pair appeared to be quite intimate, staring into each others' eyes while pressing forehead to forehead. They appeared to be a couple in love.

    Around Lunar New Year, Joyce returned to Hong Kong, but Marco was spotted holding hands with another woman. Marco and the woman had just returned from an overseas trip.

    To authenicate whether Joyce and Marco truly broke up, reporters waited outside their apartment for several days. But Marco was nowhere in sight. Aside from stepping outside to film "Harmony Passion," Joyce spent most of her spare time at home.

    Joyce recently filmed a breast enhancement ad. When reporters asked whether Marco will be benefiting from Joyce's increased bust size, she said she didn't know and told reporters to ask Marco directly. This alarmed reporters as in the past, Joyce often spoke about Marco.

    When reporters tried to contact Marco, only his voice mail picked up. When reporters contacted Joyce regarding the photo of Marco with his "new girlfriend," Joyce said calmly, "I do not want to see it."
    Reporters asked Joyce directly as to whether she broke up with Marco? "I don't want to answer that question; please don't ask me!"

    source: orientaldaily
    credits:jayne stars
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    that's pretty sad. ending a 9-year relationship. :(
    anyways, wish her the best of luck.
    & i haven't seen in her any tvb series in along time.
    wonder where she's been.