Jonathan Cheung hopes to reunite with his mother again

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    17 Jun – TVB actor Jonathan Cheung recently revealed in an interview that he still has high hopes to be reunited with his mother after 33 years of separation.

    As reported on Mingpao, the actor, who opened up about his childhood on the show "Wishful Living", revealed that he chose to stay with his father following his parents' divorce back when he was just a child.

    "My mother held my hand and asked whom I would rather live with. I knew I could be with my grandmother if I chose my dad, so I didn't leave with mum," he said.

    Jonathan stated that he had since been living with his grandmother until the day he got married himself, as his father also remarried and left him in her care.

    The actor added that he would never let go of his mother's hand if he could choose again.

    "I even turned down TVB's request to change my birth name, so that my mother could find me again," he said.

    Jonathan also admitted that he is grateful to have met his wife Angie Mak, as she has given him the perfect family that he has always craved since childhood.

    "Thanks to her, I now know the blessings of a family and a simple life together," he said.

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Discussion in 'Chinese Entertainment' started by shinobi, Jun 17, 2019.