Joey Meng cherishes peaceful life in Zhejiang

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    Joey Meng recently admitted that she is living a happy and peaceful life, now that she is no longer contractually obliged to TVB.

    As reported on Mingpao, the actress, who has shifted her career to mainland China for the past few years, revealed that she has recently invested in establishing her own homestay in Moganshan in Zhejiang China, and has been enjoying every second of her new life.

    "I used to be so tired after filming that I would hide at home and not go out. My circle was very small. I work, work, work, and stay at home. Now in Moganshan, I meet people from all walks of life," she wrote on social media.

    "Last year, my contract expired and I have more freedom. I have the final say on what I like to do. I don't know when I will go out to film again. But at this stage, I only do one thing and I do it well."

    Joey stated that her life in Zhejiang is the kind of life she had always dreamed of since she was a child, adding that her goal in life is just to be happy.

    "At a certain point, if you are still happy, it's better to just stop. Think about it, maybe, I don't know when, a new way will appear for you," she added.

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    When you are financially independent and not have to worry about earning a living; I can totally see the joys of rural living with some land, waking up to tend to the garden, some fishing and harvesting from your garden for lunch and dinner. The simpler, much less stressful, fresher air every morning, evening and night type of lifestyle has its appeal.
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    Good and happy for her!!!
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    I know with all films she did throughout her years as a lead actress, I have no doubt she has some huge money saved up not to mention some other passive incomes she is receiving.