Joe Tay expresses support for artistes leaving TVB

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By shinobi on Jul 1, 2020 at 4:30 PM
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    Former TVB actor Joe Tay recently took to social media to express his support for artistes who chose to leave the company rather than sacrifice their freedom of expression.

    As reported on Epoch Times, following news that singer Auston Lam declined to renew his contract with TVB due to unfair changes suggested by the company, the actor posted a photo of his old TVB staff ID that he had cut with a pair of scissors.

    He wrote, "To those who have taken the initiative to not renew their contracts or whose contracts were not renewed, there is a bigger platform in the world. It is better to be on the side of the Hong Kong people. Let's get together and fight for what you want."

    It is noted that TVB has been accused repeatedly of being biased over its reporting of the previous Hong Kong protests, and has been strictly controlling its staff's political opinions.

    Recently, Auston Lam had left the company after being offered a meagre HKD 12,000 annual salary through a six-performance per year contract. Many speculated that the change suggested was due to the fact that his wife Tammy Ou Yang - who left TVB much earlier - was a firm supporter of the Hong Kong independence movement.

    Among other actors who had left TVB following rumours of their support of the movement include Ngo Ka Nin and Kristal Tin - the latter whose husband Chapman To is a known critic of the Hong Kong government.

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Discussion in 'Chinese Entertainment' started by shinobi, Jul 1, 2020.

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      Much props to these guys for leaving TVB and sticking up for the true HKer's....
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      HKD 12,000 annual salary??? wat? this figure doesnt make sense even if its monthly, or if its missing a zero, making it 120,000 per year

      props on him for risking his career to stand up against winnie pooh
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    3. ab289

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      Frankly, how much longer will TVB continue to exist? I truly question if they will celebrate their 60th anniversary.
      Emperor Xi had already require change in school curriculum (in one news I saw); I won't be surprised if HK'ers are expected to just watch CN series. HK afterall is China now; why have separate tv programs? Besides, how else will Emperor Xi brain wash HK'ers into thinking China's governance is the best like much of mainland Chinese now? As is, HK is already airing CN series from time to time. It's all about bending HK'ers to fit China's mold - obedient peons that do not ask questions.
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    4. crasianlee

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      They'll continue to lick the boots of Xi and the rest of the PRC government....