Joe Ma, Nancy Wu made Lau Dan think he won an award

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    It was awkwardness all around after Joe Ma and Nancy Wu made a blunder of making veteran actor Lau Dan think he had won Most Popular Character award at the TVB Anniversary Awards.

    As reported on HK01, the situation occurred after Joe and Nancy appeared as presenters on stage and spoke about who should win the award and began mentioning one actor after another.

    Joe then stated that the seniors should be the most important group, saying that nobody would dare to disagree if a veteran actor wins said award, to which Nancy responded, "I know. Lau Dan! He has been with everybody through "Come Home Love" for eight years!"

    To that, Lau stood up in puzzlement thinking that he had won, only for Joe to continue, saying that Lau has a chance too and that they should show the five nominees first.

    "I hope," Nancy added as she smiled at Lau.

    It turned out that Lau was not even nominated in the category, and that the award finally went to "Al Cappuccino" star, Owen Cheung.

    However, the veteran star could finally smile happily after he and his co-stars in the long-running series won Lifetime Achievement Award - though some netizens still expressed sadness that TVB could not even honour Lau the said award on his own but to share it with the cast and crew instead.

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    I saw TVB Youtube channel livestreaming so I caught the later half of the show. I actually did catch this live it was so awkward lmao
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