Joe Ma as Prince of Yin Chu Tai

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  1. kevin

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    Post anything regarding Joe Ma aka Prince of YIN CHU TAI here.

    Do you think he is doing all this just to become the next king? Judging from the intro (opening) scene he is dressed up as the throne. I get thoughts whether he is doing this from the bottom of his heart.
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    no, and you made a mistake here, Joe Ma's character is the Prince of Yan (Yin in cantonese), and his name is Chu Tai, normally you dont put the two names together. Emperor Jianwen (Joel Chan), started to suppressed the royal uncles isolating them (including Chu Dai to BeiJing). Historians debate that the uncles felt threatened so Zhu Dai decided to usurp the thrown

    about him sending Zheng He on his voyage to find Jianwen is bogus. I think that story got heated when Moses Chan did Tong Bak Fu and his adventures revolves around this historical war

    btw I love Joe Ma playing this role, he played FuChai really well in the Conquest. So far he hasnt disappoint
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    I didn't notice him until I watch conquest, he is good in this to.
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    he definitely wants king
  5. Yea I definitely remember Joe Ma in The Conquest. At first I was thinking of the Conqueror's Story. But he did a good job playing opposite of Damian Lau. That's why I was sold on his role here. And he seems to do an even better job playing as Elder Prince.
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    His contradicting role is crazy lol, he pretends his crazy because that man tells him to. He look like a psycho when he approached the pregnant women in the hall. The royal family, the one who he sents dessert every odd days.
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    joe ma really try hard work on this character.. a big sacrifice of appearance as a prince when he become mad..
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    actually to correct myself, Emperor YongLe did indeed change JianWen's 4 year rule from "JianWen 1 - 4" to "HongWu 32 - 36". I spend a while confirming this. Apparently the changing of the years were not that significant.

    What is significant about the transition from JianWen to YongLe is that YongLe purged ALL of JianWen's followers which led to the famous of purging of 10 generations (most of you heard of purging of 9 generations "Zhu 9 Jok") which only happened once in history.

    Changing the history books and erasing JianWen's name
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    His feelings will probably get corrupted from Kate's sister appearance 'chor chor'.
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    He was the fucking boss when he acted crazy lmao, that shit was pretty hilarious. Anyways I don't like how the kinda spoiled the whole damn thing in the intro, TVB should really not eff up in their damn intro seriously soo many damn shows were predictable because of the intros. I know their primary audience are see lais but common.