Jessica Kan keeps mum about management issues

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    2 Jan – Jessica Kan is keeping mum when it comes to why she is missing from the promotional events of her TVB dramas.

    As reported on HK01, it is noted that the actress, who plays village leader's daughter Kei Kei in the drama, was absent not only from the promotional activities of the said show, but also for her latest series, "Wife Interrupted".

    Many speculated that she is being banned from attending the events by TVB because of the ongoing lawsuit between the broadcaster and her management company, HMV Digital China, especially since her fellow colleague Chrissie Chau also faced similar situation earlier with her first TVB series, "Deep in the Realm of Conscience".

    However, when asked about it, Jessica declined to discuss the actual issue, saying that she is not worried about it.

    "Let's not talk about this. I still have other work and I still get invited to events," she said.

    As for the financial issues involving HMV Digital China, Jessica said that she has would rather not discuss about her contract, adding that the company wants their actors to keep quiet.

    "There is still about half a year in my contract left. We can only discuss contract negotiations when the time comes," she said.

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Discussion in 'Chinese Entertainment' started by shinobi, Jan 2, 2019.