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    14 Jan – After 16 years with TVB, actress Jess Sum announced that she has now left the company.

    As reported on On CC, the actress announced her departure last weekend on Instagram, writing a long post to reminisce about the time she started with the company.

    Jess expressed, "Time really flies. Just a blink of an eye and it's already 16 years. I can recall the first time I joined TVB through the "Cover Girl" competition. I slowly grew up under the protection of this big family."

    "I want to sincerely grateful to the company for always cultivating and loving me. Without TVB, I won't be here today," she added.

    She also thanked the many people involved in nourishing her career with the company, including executives Felix To, Virginia Lok, Catherine Tsang, and Sandy Yue for giving her all the opportunities to and the support throughout her career.

    Finally, she thanked her fans and the media for their support.

    "I will continue to work hard and let myself continue to improve. I hope to try different types of performances," she added.

    Her last drama with the company was the Shaun Tam-starrer, "The Stunt".

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Discussion in 'Chinese Entertainment' started by shinobi, Jan 15, 2019.