Jeon So-min to leave variety show Running Man after six years

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    South Korean actress Jeon So-min will bid farewell to long-running variety show Running Man (2010 to present) after six years.

    Her departure was confirmed by her agency King Kong By Starship on Monday, reported The Korea Times. The 37-year-old will record her final episode as a main cast member next Monday.

    The agency said her decision came after long discussions with the Running Man production team, adding that the actress “needs some time to recharge in order to impress even further through future activities, including her acting”.

    Running Man producers confirmed Jeon’s decision in a statement to South Korean media outlet XportsNews. They said that though they had tried to find a way for her to stay, they respect her wishes to leave and “decided on a sad farewell”.

    They added: “We would like to express our gratitude to Jeon So-min, who made Running Man shine brighter during her time on the show. The Running Man cast and production team will continue to support her. She will forever be a member of Running Man.”

    A former model, Jeon joined the acclaimed South Korean variety series in April 2017 and was named the best rookie in a variety show at the SBS Entertainment Awards that same year.

    During her years with Running Man, she had guest roles in K-dramas such as My Secret Romance (2017), So I Married An Anti Fan (2021) and Delivery Man (2023).

    Running Man will continue with cast members Yoo Jae-seok, Ha Ha, Ji Seok-jin, Kim Jong-kook, Song Ji-hyo and Yang Se-chan. The production team will look for a replacement for Jeon.

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    I'm quite behind in Running Man but anyone that watches the show knows she has become a huge part of the show. The show will definitely miss her presence. Apparently she's been on more episodes than Gary already so she had a good run too.

    Best of luck to her acting career!
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    I haven't been watching much after LKS left and only watched if there were specific guests of interest, but even that has been on the decline now.