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    Jay Chou last World Tour concert was 3 years ago, so Jay decided to held a World Tour concert with his newly formed company JVR Music. Jay first concert will be held on the 10th November at “Pan-Chiao Stadium, Taipei". In this concert, Jay will perform around 30 songs from all his seven album including his latest album "On The Run". Jay also add that he will try his best in dancing part which he didn't manage to perform well in his previous concert. He also promise the fans that this concert will have a lot difference compare to his previous two concert, "The One" and "Incomparable".

    Concert Details:

    1st Concert
    Date : 10th November 2007
    Venue : Pan-Chiao Stadium, Taipei

    2nd Concert
    Date : 24th November 2007
    Venue : Shanghai, China

    3rd Concert
    Date : 5,6,7,8,9,11 and 12 December 2007
    Venue : Hong Kong

    4th Concert
    Date : 24th December 2007
    Venue : Los Angeles

    5th Concert
    Date : 18 and 19 January 2008
    Venue : Singapore Indoor Stadium, Singapore

    6th Concert
    Date : February 2008
    Venue : Tokyo, Japan

    Other concert details has not been reveal yet. So there are more information for the World Tour concert.

    Concert Poster

    This is all the details provided by JVR Music.
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  2. dreyvii

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    Wow! I bet this is gonna be great! How was the previous "Incomparable" concert?
  3. hiake

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    The poster has similar style as death-note (and other works by the same comicker)

    Too bad he's not stopping in Canada :(
  4. llhm87

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    Incomparable Concert is a great success. But this time Jay say this coming concert will be much more better than the previous two concert he perform. I can't wait for him to come to Malaysia and held a concert here.

    Please do support Jay new album "On The Run". =)
  5. dreyvii

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    Haha Hiake...so is it safe to assume that you're a fan too?
  6. hiake

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    Naw, not at all. I am convinced that his success is somewhat overblown. But without a stop in Canada, I can't point and laugh at my friends who are rabid fans of his...

    Totally missing out... But perhaps I can make it up by pointing and laughing at my friends in Hong Kong instead -lol
  7. khaotic

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    I agree that his success is a bit overblown. I don't think he's THAT great.
  8. hiake

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    Granted, he's talented, just not exactly in singing (or dancing)...

    BUT, he's still WAY better than a lot of other artists. So perhaps I should cut him some slacks...
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    hope to have news about the concert in malaysia.
    anyway thanks for the info.
  10. kdotc

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    the other dates rn't released yet..so he may be stoppin here
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    my friend told me his concert made loss instead of profit..is it true?
  12. llhm87

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    Yeap. Is true. This is because Jay spend a lot money for the concert stage, lightning and also sound effects. He also invited 3 special guest on that night. They are Wilber Pan, Alan Kuo, and Fei Yu Ching. Besides that, Jacky Cheung and Chow Yun Fatt also appear on the screen for the song Ting Ma Ma De Hua.
  13. llhm87

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    Latest news update. Jay will held a concert in Malaysia on 23 February 2008. Venue and Organizer not yet confirm. Will post the latest update once the news release.
  14. callam

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    i really hope he stops in canada *fingers crossed*...i would kill to see him live......