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    The new album all Jay fans are after is finally set to be out on the 1st of November! Jay’s sixth album name is called “November’s Chopin”; the whole album’s concept is on the route of “being temperamental”, in order for the visual affect to flow with the thick sense of classical, he especially went to the city on the water Venice to get shots.

    Due to the fact that every song in Jay’s new album is full of poetry, it makes people think of the “Piano Poet” Chopin, and “Poet” is also another name for Jay, it was once signed on his own works and album images and plus the new album is being released on the 1st of November so the company suggested the album name “November’s Chopin”, when Jay, who has been learning the classical piano since he was small, heard about this suggestion, he immediately thought it was very good, because Chopin is his idol.

    Maintaining the style that started from “Ye Hui Mei” when he managed his own album image and cover, this album’s image is done solely by Jay, he said: “This image starts off more or less from classical.” Jay, who normally loves to buy clothes to collect, when he went to Venice to get shots this time, he suddenly took out a lot of his own treasures, including a golden jacket suit he bought from Hong Kong this spring, it is just right to wear it in the clear and refreshing weather of Venice, it made Jay’s mood super good, they photographed a lot of handsome new images.

    Jay’s new album isn’t out yet, a 60 second demo of a duet by Jay and Nan Quan Mama’s Lara has unexpectedly been available to listen to at all Jay’s big fan sites, apart from being shocked Alfa Music’s Mr Yeung ordered an investigation, if they find the person behind it they might take legal action.


    Jay gangtering it up in the new pic :D ..cant wait for the new album! :bowdown:
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Discussion in 'Chinese Entertainment' started by shinobi, Oct 14, 2005.