Is it me?

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    Is it me or has all the recent series been capped at like 20 episodes following the same pattern. It seems that they have this really slow build up to the 18th episode and then they chuck in all the content from then on for a really rushed job to conclude the series. This applies to alot of recent dramas in terms of the relationships. To me i'm seeing a pattern like this:
    1-16 dislike each other
    17-19 likes each other
    20 obsessed with each other
    I know that most dramas follow a similar formula but the length of each part seems to be a problem to me for hk drama. It just makes the whole drama feel alittle rushed and incomplete in my opinion.
  2. length is not a problem if the script is written good... TVB lacks good scripts right now.
  3. moranna

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    It's not just you, been happening for a while but the more recent ones have been extra bad, as mentioned, scripts are awful, a serie should grip you from the start but for some reason take 5 or 6 eps just to do it these days.