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    one of my best friend is indian and we all are at an age where we will be getting married in a few year. She have family over there more than the U.S. As her friend, i want to be there for her wedding. Any way to convince my parents to let me go for like 2 weeks? i have chinese parents so they are very iffy about it
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    I'm assuming that you're female too, based on your "best friend, her, and she," I get the sense that this is two girls, best buddies, who would go the bathroom together if you're in a bar, am I right?

    Having said that, one observation that I made when I got married overseas was that, even as family members were there, I could spare only about one or two minutes with each and then I never saw them again for the next few weeks. Weddings are extremely time sensitive and intensive for the couple. Your best friend, other than giving you an invite, won't be able to even talk to you for more than a few minutes before she's whisked off to her honeymoon. You'll be traveling alone in India after that.

    Here are some items that may be of interest to the lone female traveler in India; Oh, and BTW, the United States government, advises that women DO NOT travel alone to India. When the government goes out of its way with such an advisory, it usually isn't bullshit, but an acknowledgment to the serious problems there. Good luck with your trip.
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    You haven't even talked to your parents about it. Give it a try.
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    Yes I am a female. Also, she was planning on have me as her bridesmaid. But thanks for the advice, it did got me to consider a little.

    @spider man
    I did talked to them about my plan and they said no without any hesitation.