I Quit! GOL is officially STUPID

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    Alright 2 Of the BIGGEST mistakes up to where I am rite now

    Big Mistake #1 The blood pressure Pill
    Ok first Of all These are NOT OVER THE COUNTER DRUGS! These are prescription drugs! Second, It coulda KILLED him! Everybody has different blood pressure! (It is the part when the older sister I think gives it to her ex-husband? feeling guilty part in the earlier episodes

    Big Mustake #2 The Stockmarket
    Remember the part when whats his face went to Gamble and then Terrance decided to watch the other group to buyem off BUT MEANWHILE he secretly got guys to buy off the company anyways? THIS IS TECHNICALLY IMPOSSIBLE! I am BIG on the STOCK EXCHANGE and this was utterly disgusting how it was played out, being BALDY here was planning to buy the group at a low in secret. When you buy stock, and put money and such in it and contracts and sh** there are the times in between and there is NO WAY a stock person could have missed something here. STUPID STUPID STUPID

    I cant believe im still watching this series tho... My Best respects for all my favorite actors including litchi, terrance guy, and baldy and Haw Ma ( I only know nicknames) i'll try my best to finish it... argh... Stupid director... Can someone tell me what else this person Directed?
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    Yeah, TVB is like that, they have these mistakes in EVERY series, just go along with it :finey:
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    This ep is way too long
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    so sad the GOL ended the way it did... it stopped making sense! :(
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    The series was so overrated, it was so boring at the end